How long does a Uganda tourist visa take?

The Uganda tourist visa is a type of legal document needed for foreigners to enter this country for tourism purposes.

Foreigners can get a visa at the Uganda embassy or consulate in their country. But the demand for travel increases sharply so the Government permits particular countries to get e-Visa. Hence, travelers must check if they are eligible to apply for a Uganda tourist visa online and the required documents for the e-Visa process.

Uganda tourist visa allows you to enter only once with the validity of 3 months from the issued date. You are permitted to stay and discover Uganda for up to 90 days and it can be extended.

There are 3 timelines to take a Uganda tourist visa that you can choose based on your needs:

  • Normal: Uganda tourist visa will be sent to your email in 03 working days.
  • Urgent: It takes only 48 working hours to finish the visa process.
  • Super Urgent: You can pick this option if you want to enter Uganda as soon as possible because you will receive a Uganda tourist visa within 24 business hours only.

Remember that the quicker the processing time is, the higher the cost is.

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