Uganda e-Visa For Israeli Citizens - Requirements And Fee

Uganda e-Visa for Israelis: to simplify the procedure, Uganda Immigration Services offers an Uganda e-Visa for Israeli citizens (electronic visa) who wish to visit Uganda.

There are numerous reasons why Uganda is known as a natural paradise, including vast meadows spread throughout the country, an ethical culture unique to the country, and numerous kinds of wildlife. Because of all these factors, Uganda is a popular holiday destination among a wide range of people.

Aside from its vast deserts, Uganda has beautiful waterfalls and Lake Victoria - Africa's largest freshwater lake and the second largest in the world.

Citizens of nearly 150 countries are eligible to apply for the Uganda e-Visa, including Israel nationals, with the exception of nations with visa immunity.

Why should Israeli citizens consider applying for a Ugandan visa? With Uganda Immigration Services, let us help you through the process.

What Israeli Citizens Should Know About Uganda E-Visa

Uganda e-Visa Types For Israeli Citizens

Israel is not in the exempt country list for Uganda visa, so Uganda visa is REQUIRED.

The Uganda eVisa for Israeli citizens allows only certain types of travel to Uganda. For all foreign citizens traveling to Uganda, the Uganda e-Visa is divided into three categories:

  • Uganda tourist e-visa allows you to stay in Uganda for over 90 days from the arrival date. It can also be extended.
  • Uganda transit e-Visa is for travelers passing through Uganda or for short stays less than seven days. With this type of visa, you are only allowed to stay in Uganda for seven days from the day of your appearance, and the period cannot be extended.
  • You can travel to East Africa with the East Africa Visa e-Visa which permits travelers to enter Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya within 03 months from the issued date. Your staying time is up to 90 days each and can be extended.

Check Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Israeli Citizens

The Uganda e-Visa requirements for Israeli nationals tend to be fewer and easier to meet than the requirements for casual visitors:

  • The Israeli passport you will need for Uganda must have 02 blank pages for verification marks, and it must be valid for at least 06 months after you arrive in Uganda.
  • Your portrait should be photographed
  • Verify that your entry point into Uganda is a port on your flight ticket (for an East Africa visa).

Uganda e-Visa Application For Israeli Citizens

The most common way for tourists, business travelers and transit travelers to obtain e-Visas from Israel is by applying online at our website.

By using the electronic system, tourists can apply for a regular visa from the comfort of their homes before traveling. The process takes place before departure, so guests will receive an entry permit before leaving.

According To e-Visa Uganda, Israel Can Visit Uganda For The Following Reasons:

  • As a tourism
  • For business
  • To visit relatives, family, cousins
  • Healthcare

Once the short application form is completed, Israeli visitors will receive an e-Visa through the email address that is provided in the application.

Uganda e-Visas For Israeli Nationals

For Israeli citizens to apply for a Uganda e-Visa, they must submit their personal information into an online application. Also, they must upload the required supporting documents. The information Israeli trippers need to submit includes specifics, such as:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Nation

They must also enter the following passport information

  • Passport number
  • Country and place of issue
  • Dispatch address
  • Phone number

Israeli applicants are also required to answer many health and security questions and provide information about their trip, including: Where they intend to stay in Uganda, the purpose of their visit, the date of their appearance, and the duration of their stay.

With the same conditions as Israel's utmost visas, applicants must upload the required documents.

The Conditions For Israeli Nationals Obtaining An Uganda e-Visa

To ensure the operation is reused, filling out the online form also requires the following details.

  • Number of Visa (to admit the e-Visa)
  • Type of Visa
  • Transportation Method
  • Port of arrival
  • Processing Time
  • Need Extra Services (Covid-19 Insurance)

From Israel, Get An Travel e-Visa To Uganda

By submitting the online form, candidates for Israel e-Visas will be invited within 01 business day to 03 business days. They should publish a duplicate of their e-Visa and bring it to Uganda together with their passport. The document must be shown to a Ugandan border control official on appearance.

How To Apply For A Uganda e-Visa From Israel?

The Uganda e-Visa operation form must be completed online by a Israeli citizen to apply for a Uganda visa . Uganda Immigration Services offers 24/7 support, and it's free. It should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete the form.

Four parts of the application form have to be filled out. You need to provide several details regarding your trip as well as your referral information as well as the processing time for your activity. Finally, you pay and click the submit button. The Uganda eVisa for Israeli citizens has been issued.

All that is left for you to do now is wait for the e-Visa to be sent to the dispatch address you linked up with. Once the e-Visa has been sent, print out copies to bring with you.

How To Obtain An e-Visa For Israeli Citizens To Uganda?

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Israeli Citizens

To apply for a Uganda visa online, you have to pay two (02) types of Uganda e-Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee .

How Much Does An e-Visa To Uganda Cost For Israeli Citizens?

Uganda Immigration Services is dedicated to offering excellent service at a reasonable price.

The fees of a Uganda e-Visa is decided by the type of visa and the length of the processing time.

Moreover, you should add additional COVID-19 or travel insurance to keep you covered abroad in case goods are damaged. For the government figure, it is demanded since Israel is not on Uganda's immunity list.

In our payment system, you have 02 options either online (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) or via direct deposit (HSBC direct trade).

The Following Is A List Of Possible Uganda e-Visas For Israeli Citizens

You can choose one of 03 service orders for the service charge:

  • Normally Uganda e-Visa: if you conclude this option, your e-visa will arrive in 03 business days.
  • Urgent Uganda e-Visa: you will be admitted to an Uganda e-visa within 48 hours if you choose this e-visa option.
  • Super urgent Uganda e-Visa: can be attained in as little as 24 hours - the fastest kind of Uganda e-visa.