I need a visa urgently. What should I do?

Canadian nationals have been able to transit through and travel to Uganda since 2016 using an ETA (also known as electronic visa) that is issued by the Ugandan government. The country's economy will be significantly impacted by the increase of Canadian travelers visiting. Uganda is presently regarded by tourists as the best destination for a vacation.

Need a visa urgently? The length of time it takes for Canadian nationals to obtain a visa for Uganda depends on the processing time they select. E-visa processing typically takes 3 business days. If Canadian travelers want to obtain an e-visa sooner, they can apply for a Rush Visa service which supports them for having one within 24 business hours. This is thought to be a lot quicker than waiting for a visa interview at an embassy or consulate. Therefore, Canadian nationals must submit their applications seven working days or more before the intended date of travel to Uganda.

According to the Uganda Immigration Services, Canadian nationals can apply for an e-visa online with 3 processing time options:

  • Standard process: For Canadian citizens who need an e-visa within three business days. Travelers will have the chance to prepare some additional documents needed for an e-visa during this time.
  • Urgent Process: Canadian nationals urgently in need of an e-visa in under two business days.
  • Super Urgent process: For Canadians who need an e-visa within one business day, Super Urgent is the ideal choice.


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