How much is the visa processing fee?

The Uganda electronic visa is available for Canadian travelers who want to visit their relatives and friends or take a short journey to enjoy the country’s stunning scenery. Canadian citizens must cover two distinct visa fees: The Uganda government fee and the Service fee. While the Service Fee is based on the length of time it takes to process the visa, the Government Fee covers the cost of providing the visa by the Uganda Immigration Department.

Canadian citizens with the Canada passport must pay a government fee of US$100 for transit e-visa and US$150 for East Africa e-visa. Please remember that the government can not be refunded once applied. Besides, depending on how quickly Canadian citizens wish to acquire their Uganda visas, there are different Service fees for them to choose.

The bigger amount they must pay, the quicker they receive their visa. There are now three choices for the visa service available to Canadian citizens from Uganda Immigration Services. There is a different charge for each service:

  • Normal service: Canadian travelers must pay US$69 when choosing this service, they will obtain an Uganda e-visa in 3 business days.
  • Urgent service: With this service, Canadian citizens can get a visa in less than 48 business hours with the price of US$79.
  • Super Urgent service: The Canadian nationals who need a visa in a matter of hours can use this service. Travelers must pay an extra fee of US$99 for having an e-visa within 24 business hours.

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