How do I apply for an Uganda visa from Canada?

The process to get an Uganda e-visa is easier for Canadian citizens because of the convenience of the e-visa online system. Previously, Canadian travelers must go to the Uganda Embassies or Consulates for having an Uganda e-visa. This process wastes a lot of time and money due to the long waiting lines for having a face to face interview.

However, with the growth of technology, everything seems easier when it comes to entirely digital, so do the e-visa. The Uganda government has approved the e-visa system in 2016 for those who want to enter Uganda for a short trip with a valid visa. Canada is one of the countries that is eligible for granted an e-visa. The steps to obtain an Uganda e-visa is optimized by Uganda Immigration Services:

  • Firstly, Canadian citizens will be required to provide some information about themselves in e-visa application form such as full name, gender, D.O.B, nationalities as well as passport numbers which is important to process e-visa.
  • Secondly, after checking if all the information is correct, Canadian citizens must consider which payment method they should choose and then pay for the e-visa process.
  • Finally, after e-visa is reviewed, the e-visa approval is sent to Canadian travelers’ email box.


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