Can I Make A Payment Upon Arrival If I Have Trouble Paying Online?

USA citizens can get a visa on arrival. You will, however, be compelled to go through a procedure that involves waiting in a long queue and applying for a visa at the Immigration checkpoint. If unfortunate, you can run into problems like not providing enough papers or information. This is anticipated to make an application for a visa on arrival more difficult and time-consuming.

As a result, applying for a visa online is advised. We not only provide thorough information on travel documents but also include visa application services for American travelers 24/7 at Uganda Immigration Services. The entire process, from filling out the application form, and submitting the required documents, to paying the visa fees is online.

If any American applicant wishes to cancel the e-Visa and get a refund, all refund questions must be received within 4 hours of the transaction being completed. After this time, Visa service orders are non-refundable. Please provide all essential documentation within three (03) business days. Your refund request will be declined otherwise. The refund procedure may take 2-4 weeks due to bank regulations.


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