Can I acquire a Uganda visa on arrival?

Yes, of course Canadian travelers can acquire a Uganda visa on arrival. This type of visa is convenient for those who do not want or forget to apply for a valid visa. However, this method is not highly recommended for Canadian travelers to do.

Due to the large numbers of people at the airport, travelers often spend a ton of time registering and standing in a long line for having a visa on arrival. In some situations, if Canadians have enough required documents, you will be granted a visa. However, travelers who do not have sufficient paperwork, will be rejected to enter Uganda. As a result, Canadian travelers cannot travel to Uganda and lose money and time.

The best solution for Canadian visitors is applying for an e-visa online by filling out the simple form which is designed by Uganda Immigration Services. This method is considered to be simpler than getting a visa on arrival or a traditional visa at the Embassy. Applying for an e-visa online is quicker and cheaper than other forms of visa request.

Therefore, Canadian travelers should reconsider their decision to obtain a visa on arrival in Uganda airport. The easiest way to guarantee a secure and comfortable journey is to apply for an Uganda e-visa before departure.


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