Uganda e-Visa For Yemeni Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Ishasha's Amazing Tree-Climbing Lions

A trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park should include a two-hour journey to the park's Ishasha region, which is known for its remarkable tree-climbing lions and other animals. Aside from Ishasha, these enigmatic creatures can only be found in Tanzania's Lake Manyara area.

Along with iconic tree-climbing lions, Ishasha plains possess a large number of animals, landscapes, and unusual lodging selections, which should not be missed on your East African travel plans.

Citizens of Yemen who wish to visit Uganda for tourism purposes can apply for a visa immediately at Uganda Immigration Services. We offer a fast and convenient visa application for international travelers at an affordable cost. Yemeni citizens, please continue reading further to learn more about the visa requirements, service fees as well as visa procedure in this article.

Ishasha plain in Uganda

Ishasha plain in Uganda

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Yemeni Citizens

Do Yemeni travelers need a visa to enter Uganda?

According to Uganda's tourist policies, Yemen is not on the list of countries exempt from visas when traveling to Uganda. Therefore, Yemeni citizens are required to apply for a tourist visa to Uganda.

At present, tourist visas to Uganda are divided into 3 categories. Each type will serve different purposes for tourists. There are 03 different types of Uganda visas, which:

  • Transit Visa - Transit visas are only used to check in at the stop through the required countries. Travelers are permitted to enter Uganda once and remain for 07 days.
  • Tourist Visa - Tourist visas are mainly used to explore tourist attractions and activities in Uganda. Yemeni travelers are granted 90 days and can enter Uganda once with this type of visa.
  • East Africa Visa - This type of visa functions similarly to a tourist visa. However, Yemeni travelers are allowed multiple entries to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda for 90 days. This is basically a tourist visa as well. Thus it is only used for tourism purposes.

Yemeni citizens can request visas through the Ugandan Embassy. If your country does not have a Ugandan embassy, we encourage you to apply for a visa on the Uganda Immigration Services portal. Our assistance is available 24/7 and always ready to help you anytime.

Some of the required documents that applicants need to prepare before applying for a visa:

  • Yemeni applicants must hold a valid Yemen passport that is more than 06 months away from the date of expiration.
  • Yemeni applicants must also ensure their passports have at least 2 blank pages to acquire visa seals.
  • Besides the passport, Yemeni travelers must obtain a certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination before they can enter the country.
  • A copy of the biographical page from the passport is required.
  • Applicants also must verify their traveling information, such as:
    • The purpose of their trips to Uganda.
    • The date of arrival and departure.
    • If available, confirm their accommodation/ lodges/ or hotel reservations.

Uganda e-visa requirements for Yemeni citizens

Uganda e-visa requirements for Yemeni citizens

Applying For An Uganda e-Visa For Yemeni Citizens

The process of applying for a Uganda visa for Yemeni citizens can be done in 20 minutes by filling out the information. We will demonstrate the process in 04 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Begin applying for a visa by selecting "Apply Visa".
  • Step 2: Plan your trip and select the correct visa type.
    • The number of applicants.
    • Transit visa/ Tourist visa/ East Africa visa.
    • Processing time service.
  • Step 3: Fill in your personal information and passport information for the trip.
    • Full name of the applicant, gender, date of birth, and nationality.
    • Provide the date of issue and expiration on the passport.
  • Step 4:
    • Confirm your information is correct.
    • Select the visa payment and submit the form.

Rush Visa Service Information

The Rush Visa service is also called processing time; Yemeni applicants will notice this option when they apply for a visa. Further information about the service is available below for applicants.

  • Normal Processing
    • We ensure your visa approval within 03 business days and deliver to your email address.
  • Urgent Processing
    • We ensure your visa gets approved within 48 business hours and send it to your email address.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • We ensure your visa gets accepted within 24 business hours and email it to you.

Uganda e-visa for Yemeni citizens

Uganda e-visa for Yemeni citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Yemeni Citizens

Service Fee and Government Fee are required to be paid by applicants when submitting visa applications.

Travel Insurance or COVID-19 helps travelers avoid financial risks when traveling such as canceled flights, being injured, sick, or losing their personal belongings/ documents. Moreover, acquiring travel insurance will also increase the chance of your visa being approved.

At Uganda Immigration Services, we also support popular and convenient payment services for travelers. Our system accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Pay online, Applicants can pay using
    • American Express.
    • Paypal.
    • Mastercard.
    • And Visa.
  • For wire transfers, we accept the Bank transfer service.