Uganda visa requirements for UK citizens - Visa cost and type

Uganda is a country located in Africa. This country has everything good from Africa: biodiversity, wonderful scenery, interesting places, and friendly people. Therefore, the tourism industry is one of the bright sides of Uganda.

Uganda e-Visa for UK citizens

In that success, there is a thing that plays a crucial role, the Electronic visa is launched by the Ugandan government. It makes the visa application process easier and becomes the favorite visa type for short-term trips.

By now, there are over 150 countries on the eligibility list of Uganda e-visa, including the United Kingdom.

So how can you get a visa to Uganda from UK without visiting embassies? In this article, you will see all information about an Uganda e-visa for British citizens, including required documents and how to apply for an e-visa.

1. Uganda e-Visa for UK citizens:

The Uganda e-Visa is an electronic visa for citizens from over 150 countries, including people from the United Kingdom.

As a British citizens, you can use an Uganda e-Visa to enter the country for the following reasons:


  • Business trips
  • Staying with relatives
  • Studying
  • Medical treatment

By now, there are 03 available kinds of Uganda e-visa for UK citizens as below:

  • Tourist e-visa: used when you want to visit Uganda for tourism or other related purposes. You can stay in Uganda within 90 days with single-entry only when using this type.
  • Transit e-visa: used for transit in Uganda territory or a short trip within 07 days since this type of e-visa gives you an allowance to stay in Uganda within 07 days.
  • East Africa visa: a combination visa type that allows you to enter a total of 3 countries: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya. Using this type of e-visa, you can stay in these 03 countries for up to 90 days with a multiple-entry in advance.

2. Uganda visa requirements for UK citizens

In general, the total application for an e-visa to Uganda from UK is faster and easier than the casual type, just need to provide enough required documents for verification and wait for a response.

Global Immigration Services Limited requires very little from you, and once you have done your part, the service will take things a step further and get your visa to Uganda from UK.

The following list consists of required documents you need to provide:

  • A UK passport which is valid for at least 06 months from the date of your arrival and a blank page for entrance stamping.
  • Your photograph (white background and clear face are required).
  • Flight ticket (for East Africa visa): as a proof you will not overstay in Uganda for any other reason..
  • Side documents: you will add following documents if any to increase your approval chance: Yellow fever vaccine certificate, hotel reservations, Travel itinerary.

Uganda visa requirements for UK citizens

3. How to apply online Uganda visa for British citizens

Travelers from the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can obtain an e-Visa to Uganda quickly and easily by filling out a short online application form.

British visitors must simply enter the required information and upload the relevant supporting documentation.

To complete the questionnaire, UK residents must provide some personal information, such as:

  • Name
  • The birthdate
  • Gender

In addition, they must provide the following information from a valid British passport:

  • Nationality
  • Passport number

Applicants from the United Kingdom must provide their contact information, which includes:

  • Contact information via email
  • telephone number
  • Household address

British visitors, like all Uganda e-Visa applicants, must include some information about their trip, including the following:

  • The trip's purpose
  • Arrival date in Uganda
  • How long do they intend to stay in the country

Following the submission of the Uganda e-Visa application, British visitors will receive the travel permit via email.

The e-Visa will be sent to the email address entered in the online application form.

It can take up to a week to process and approve an application. As a result, British should apply at least 3 working days before their planned trip to Uganda.

If you need your e-Visa (visa to Uganda from UK) sooner, please contact Global Immigration Services Limited's service department. We offer an urgent Visa service in which you can obtain a visa in as little as 1 working day.

How to apply online Uganda visa for British citizens

4. Uganda visa cost for UK citizens

Payment is the final step of the application process to get an Uganda e-visa for British citizens. In this step, there is a thing you need to know about the cost you will pay: it has 02 individual kinds of fees, the government fee, and the service fee.

For the government fee, since the United Kingdom of Great Britain is not on the exemption list of Uganda, you need to add it to your receipt.

The service charge is customizable depending on which of the three service categories you select from the following list:

  • Normal: When selecting this service option, you will obtain your e-visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: You will receive an e-visa in 48 hours if you choose this e-visa type.
  • Super urgent: the quickest sort of e-visa, which you can get in 24 hours.

Payment method: you can choose your suitable way from these following selections: Electronic payment (Visa, Masterard, American Express or Paypal) and wire transfer (HSBC online transaction).

Uganda visa cost for UK citizens