Uganda Visa For Togolese Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Baboons In Uganda

Uganda is inhabited by a wide range of primates, including the red colobus monkey, Black-and-white colobus monkey, Golden monkey, Ugandan red-tailed monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, Patas monkey, L'hoest monkey, Chimpanzee, and the best-known mountain gorilla, in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Baboons are one of the primates in the vast world of monkeys in the world. The five most common names for baboons are Guinea, olive baboons, hamadryas, Chacma baboons, and yellow baboons. The olive baboon and the yellow baboon both have dog face recognition, but the yellow baboon's nose will usually point up more than the olive baboon's.

The olive baboon is a species that can only be found in Uganda, this species usually lives in the open forest area bordering Savannah, Kibale National Forest Park, Semuliki National Forest, Murchison Falls area, Lake Mburo, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. These places are concentrated in numbers of these baboon species.

Togolese citizens who wish to travel to Uganda can apply for a visa immediately on the Uganda Immigration Services website. We provide full guidance as well as high-quality customer support for international travelers. In this article, we will demonstrate further our visa services and the service costs.

Uganda Visa Requirements For Togolese Citizens

Uganda Visa Requirements For Togolese Citizens

Do citizens of Togo require a visa when visiting Uganda?

An Uganda visa for Togolese citizens is required if they want to travel to Uganda. However, before applying for a visa to Uganda, we advise Togolese citizens first understand the visa types and their functionality.

Togolese citizens can apply for the following visa types to Uganda:

  • Transit visa - The visa permits Togolese travelers to transit in Uganda once and remain for 07 days.
  • Tourist Visa - With a tourist visa, Togolese travelers are granted permission to explore tourist attractions in Uganda for 90 days and can enter Uganda once.
  • East Africa Visa - With this type of visa, Togolese travelers are permitted to explore the entire East Africa region which includes Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda for a duration of 90 days (3 months). Holders of this visa are granted multiple entries to all 3 nations.

To qualify for a visa to Uganda, Togolese applicants must fulfill the following conditions. Our visa experts also strongly recommend that applicants should complete this step first before applying for a visa. This is an important stage that will determine the success of your visa application.

Togolese citizens must present:

  • A valid Togo passport still has at least 06 months remaining before expiration.
  • The passport should have 02 unused pages to acquire visa stamps.
  • To travel to Uganda, Togolese travelers must obtain a certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination as well. The certificate is also referred to as a “yellow card”.
  • A copy of biographical information.
  • Verify your traveling information such as
    • The date of arrival and departure from Uganda
    • Accommodation reservation or contact information in Uganda.

Applying For An Uganda Visa For Togolese Citizens

Applying For An Uganda Visa For Togolese Citizens

The process of applying for an Uganda visa takes place entirely online. Togolese applicants can apply for a visa using any smart device such as a mobile, or tablet with an internet connection.

To apply for a visa, Togolese citizens will begin by accessing the online visa application form here. For the next steps, you just need to provide the personal information such as your name, gender, nationality, and date of birth, along with the information in your passport such as date of issue, and date of expiration, always double check to make sure the above information is correct.

To complete the visa application process, complete your payment method and submit it along with your visa application. The process takes about 3 business days for you to receive the visa result. You can always contact us directly for any assistance.

Rush Visa Service

In this short section, we will explain in detail our Rush Visa service. Togolese citizens, please note that you must select this service before submitting your visa application.

  • Normal Processing - Our regular processing will take up to 03 business days. Applicants do not need to pay any extra fee for regular processing.
  • Urgent Processing - If you want to get your visa faster, select this option. Your visa will get approved within 48 business hours with Urgent Processing.
  • Super Urgent Processing - If you expect to receive your visa approval within 24 business hours, this is the best service we offer. Super Urgent processing costs $99.

Uganda Visa Fee For Togolese Citizens

Uganda Visa Fee For Togolese Citizens

Togolese citizens have to pay service fee and government fee as a requirement when applying for a Visa.

Travel Insurance or COVID-19 insurance also plays a very important role although it is not a must-have element when traveling to Uganda. However, during travel journeys away from home, it is difficult to avoid unexpected incidents that may cause you to have to pay a large sum of money to solve the problem. Travel insurance will cover the expenses for you under these circumstances.

For visa payment, Togolese citizens can submit the payment on the:

  • For the online method, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Mastercard.
  • For direct deposit, we accept the Bank of Cyprus.

When citizens of Togo apply for a visa to Uganda, we will support your trip to Uganda with a pick-up service and Uganda eSim.