Uganda e-Visa For Thai Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Sempaya Hot Spring

Located in Semiliki Valley, in the Bundibugyo area, travelers will find Sempaya hot spring. It originates in the Semiliki River and forms the boundary between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This river is located in the Albertine Rift Valley below the Bundibugyo banks and flows from Lake Edward and into Lake Albert along with much other aquatic life.

Because the natural springs are located within the forest, tourists have a better chance of seeing numerous animal species that inhabit there. This means that a visit to the hot spring may well be conveniently connected with other excursions like monkey spotting, game drives, birdwatching, nature walks, community interactions, and so on.

Uganda Immigration Services provides e-visas for Thai citizens who wish to travel to Uganda for tourism. Our website offers full details and a visa guide that will help travelers prepare for Uganda more conveniently and smoothly. 

Type of Uganda Visa For Thai Citizens

Type of Uganda e-Visas For Thai Citizens

Do Thai travelers require a visa to enter Uganda?

At the moment, the only way for Thai citizens to travel to Uganda is by applying for an Uganda visa online. Currently, there are 03 common types of e-visas that Thai travelers can apply:

  • Transit e-visa - This type of visa allows Thai travelers to transit in Uganda for seven days before moving to the next country. It grants a single entrance only and is not extensible.
  • Tourist e-visa - Thai citizens can apply for this visa for tourism purposes only. While holding this visa, Thai travelers are granted 90 days (3 months) and a single entry to Uganda. This visa does not allow any form of working activity.
  • East Africa e-visa - Another alternative way to enjoy tourism in Africa is to explore the entire East Africa region with this single visa. Holders of this visa are granted access to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya for 90 days (3 months) and multiple entries. 

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Thai Citizens

After you have selected a suitable visa for your trip to Uganda, the next step is to fulfill the visa requirements. Keep in mind that this step is vital and our visa experts strongly recommend that you should fulfill these criteria first before applying for an Uganda visa. The following requirements are stated below:

  • Applicants first must possess and present a valid Thailand passport.
  • In addition, the date of expiration within the passport must be at least for 06 months.
  • The passport also should have at least 02 blank pages for visa stampings.
  • To enter Uganda, Thai citizens must acquire a certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination, also referred to as a yellow card. 
  • A copy of biographical details.
  • Verify your contact address or contact information in Uganda.
  • Confirm your flight ticket such as the date of arrival and departure from Uganda.

How To Apply For An Uganda Visa For Thai Citizens

Apply For A Uganda e-Visa For Thai Citizens

When applying for an e-visa to Uganda, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Applicants begin registration via "Apply Visa".
  • Step 2: Select the number of applicants as well as the visa type for your trip. For processing time service charges, applicants can find more information in the next section. 
  • Step 3: Fill in your personal details.
    • Full name and date of birth.
    • Gender.
    • Nationality.
    • Passport details. 
      • Date of issue.
      • Date of expiration.
  • Step 4: Select the method of payment and submit your application. 

Processing Time Service

Once applicants have submitted their applications, allow the processing time of up to 03 business days to approve their visa application. Selecting one of the below options to request your preferred processing time. 

  • Normal Service - Applicants will receive their visa within 03 business days when choosing standard processing.
  • Urgent Service - When selecting urgent processing, Thai applicants require to submit a service charge of $79 to have their visa approved within 48 business hours.
  • Super Urgent Service - For super urgent processing, Thai applicants must pay a service charge of $99 to get their visa approved within 24 business hours.

Uganda Visa Service Fee For Thai Citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Thai Citizens

The Service Fee and Government Fee are two (02) types of fees that applicants must pay when applying for a Uganda visa online.

When traveling to Uganda, this is a long journey away from your hometown, thus our experts also advise Thai travelers to purchase Travel Insurance or COVID-19 insurance as well. Your regular insurance may not cover the expenses for any unexpected issue that occurs during the trip, you could end up paying a large sum of money as well. Travel insurance will protect you from that kind of situation. 

To submit an e-visa payment, Thai citizens can use the following methods of payment:

  • For online payment, our system accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and American Express.
  • For wire transfers, our system accepts the Bank of Cyprus.

Last but not least, Thai applicants who apply for an Uganda evisa through our service will also receive supportive services completely free, such as pick-up service and Uganda eSim.