Uganda Visa For Somali Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Uganda Visa for Somalia: If you are a Somali citizen and want to visit Uganda, we can help you obtain an easy electronic visa (e-Visa).

Uganda is known for being a natural paradise for numerous reasons, including large meadows strewn all over the country, a unique ethical culture, and many different kinds of animals. For this reason, Uganda is a favorite holiday destination for many people.

There are also beautiful waterfalls and vast deserts in Uganda, the continent's largest freshwater lake and the world's second largest. Learn how to apply for a Uganda e-visa for Somali citizens with Uganda Immigration Services.

The Uganda e-Visa Is A Great Option For Somali Citizens

Uganda e-Visa Types For Somali Citizens

There are 03 types of Uganda e-Visas available to Somali citizens who are traveling to Uganda:

  • Uganda tourist e-visa: permits you to enter Uganda for tourism purposes and for other relevant activities. This type of visa allows you to stay for up to 90 days in Uganda for single entry. It can even be extended.
  • Travelers passing through Uganda or traveling for a short period of time less than 07 days need the Uganda transit e-visa since it will only authorize him or her to stay in Uganda for a maximum of 07 days from the date of their appearance, not including extensions.
  • Using an East Africa visa allows you to travel to 03 countries in East Africa: Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya as many times as you wish within 90 days from the issued date. You can stay in these places for up to 90 days from the date of each entry.

Check Requirement Uganda Visa For Somali Citizens

Somalia is not in the exempt country list for Uganda visa, so Uganda visa is REQUIRED.

Is A Somalia Visa Required To Visit Uganda?

For Somalia travelers with a passport, obtaining a Uganda visa online is the simplest and fastest way to gain entry into Uganda.

Electronic visas for short-term stays are ideal for tourists, business travelers, and other short-term visitors.

Even so, they must apply for the appropriate visas at the Ugandan embassy or consulate, if they intend to live or study permanently in Uganda.

How Do Somali Citizens Get The Uganda e-Visa?

It is a form of entry permit available to most foreigners, including Somali nationals, who apply for an Uganda e-Visa online.

Uganda Visa Requirements For Somali Citizens

The list of Uganda E-Visa conditions is generally shorter for Somalia citizens and simpler to meet than the list for casual citizens

  • The Somalia passport you are required to present to Uganda should have a blank runner for verification marks and should be valid for at least six months after the date of your appearance.
  • Photograph your portrait
  • Your flight ticket (for an East Africa visa) must be stamped at a Ugandan port of entry.

The Process Of Applying For An Online Uganda e-Visa For Somalia Citizens

Obtaining a Uganda e-Visa through our site is the easiest way to get a Tourist, Business, or Transit visa from Somalia.

Guests wishing to enter Uganda can apply for a regular visa through the Ugandan Embassy in Somalia. Through the electronic system, guests can travel to Uganda from the comfort of their homes and receive entry permits prior to departure.

e-Visa Uganda Allows Somalia To Visit Uganda For The Following Reasons:

  • Tourism
  • Visit relatives, family, cousins
  • Business
  • Education
  • Transit
  • Healthcare

Somalia guests will be granted an e-visa for Uganda in a week after they have completed the short application form. The e-visa will be sent by courier to the account that had been indicated in the application form.

e-Visa Operation For Somalia Citizens In Uganda

The process for applying for an Uganda e-Visa for Somalia citizens is quite straightforward. They simply have to fill out an online application and attach the corresponding documents. Somalia trippers are required to provide additional details, such as:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Nation

They must also enter the following passport information

  • Passport number
  • Dispatch address
  • Phone number

Uganda E-Visas For In Somalia

Additionally, those completing the online form must provide the following so that the operation can be reused.

  • Number of Visa (to admit the e-Visa)
  • Type of Visa
  • Transportation Method
  • Port of arrival
  • Processing Time
  • Need Extra Services (Covid-19 Insurance)

Somalia & Uganda e-Visa

After filling out the online form, Somalia aspirants will be able to apply for the e-Visa. They should print a duplicate and take it to Uganda with the passport they registered in the operation. The visa must be presented to a Ugandan border control officer at the time of visit.

Somalia Citizens' Requirements For Uganda Visas.

How Can I Apply For An Uganda E-Visa As A Somali Citizen?

Somali citizens must complete the Uganda e-Visa operation form online when applying for a Uganda visa with Uganda Immigration Services. They offer 24/7 customer service and of course it is free. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

It requires four types of information to complete the form: trip details, referral information, processing time for the activity, and payment. The application form must then be submitted to complete the Uganda e-Visa application for Somali citizens.

It is now time for the e-Visa to be transferred to the dispatch address you linked up with. Once you have entered the dispatch address, print a duplicate to bring with you.

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Somali Citizens

To apply for a Uganda visa online, you have to pay two (02) types of Uganda e-Visa Fee , which are called Service Fee and Government Fee .

The length of time one can stay in Uganda depends on the type of visa they have obtained.

Fees For e-Visas To Uganda For Somalia Citizens

Uganda Immigration Services strives to provide excellent service for a reasonable price. The cost of a Uganda e-Visa varies according to the type of visa and the processing time you select.

A small amount can also be added for COVID-19 or travel insurance to protect you against faulty goods while traveling abroad. For the government figure, it's required because Somalia is not listed as immune.

In our payment system, you have 02 options either online (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) or via direct deposit (HSBC direct trade).

Here Are The Types Of Ugandan Visas Available For Somali Citizens

From the list below, you can choose one of 03 service orders for the service charge:

  • Normal processing: if you conclude this option, your e-visa will arrive in 03 business days.
  • Urgent processing: you will be admitted to an Uganda e-visa within 48 hours if you choose this e-visa option.
  • Super-Urgent processing: can be attained in as little as 24 hours - the fastest processing of Uganda e-visa.