Uganda Visa For Saint Lucian Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Entebbe Zoo, also widely known as Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), where you will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with several of the planet's most spectacular species was among the attractions of my vacation to Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), which began as a zoo in 1952, has become a refuge for various shelter animals. It is situated outside of Kampala in the peaceful town of Entebbe, next to the quiet shores of Lake Victoria. It is the only location in Uganda where travelers may explore beyond the views and sounds of Uganda's wildlife and dig further into techniques used to preserve the creatures for future generations.

UWEC is a nature preserve, not merely a zoo, where creatures retrieved from traffickers or the unauthorized pets trade are treated until they may be released back into the wild. The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is one of the most significant places to get up and personal with animals, experiencing their waking and resting habits from dawn to night. The opportunity to meet the crew that protects the animals in excellent condition for everyone to see, and to stroll with these expert employees through their regular activities, will impress you with a knowledge that conventional wildlife observation does not, and will make you appreciate the keeper's diligent efforts even more.

If you are on this page, you are probably interested in learning about Uganda or you are planning to travel to Uganda. In this article, you will find all the important information to prepare for the Uganda visa application process. Furthermore, Uganda has a lot to offer that you may not see on TV or in the press, best experience if you discover it for yourself by applying for a visa today at Uganda Immigration Services.

Apply for a Uganda visa online

Apply for an Uganda visa online

Type of Uganda Visa For Saint Lucian Citizens

Is a visa required for citizens of Saint Lucia to travel to Uganda?

Citizens of Saint Lucia do not have a visa-free policy when visiting Uganda. Therefore, Saint Lucian citizens MUST apply for an Uganda to enter the country. 

However, before applying for a visa, applicants need to know what types of visas are currently popular and are allowed for international visitors to Uganda. To travel to Uganda, find out the 3 types of visas below.

  • Tourist Visa - The first visa was a tourist visa, as the name implies. You are allowed to enter Uganda once and the maximum time allowed to travel in Uganda is 90 days (3 months). Holders of this visa are not allowed to work in Uganda.
  • East Africa Visa - Next is a special tourist visa for people who want to explore the territory of East Africa including Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. This visa also gives you 90 days (3 months) and can only participate in activities of a tourist nature. You can go in and out of 3 countries as you like and there is no restriction on the number of entries for a period of 90 days.
  • Transit Visa - This visa is only needed if you need to transit in Uganda while moving to another country. You are allowed 1 entry with 7 days to stay in Uganda.

Uganda Visa Requirements For Saint Lucian Citizens

Applying for an Uganda visa requires Saint Lucian citizens must provide and fulfill several vital requirements. In this section, you must keep in mind the following before applying for a visa:

  • An original Saint Lucia passport containing:
    • 02 blank papers to acquire visa seals.
    • Must have at least or more than 6 months before the expiry date.
  • Confirmation that you have the vaccine against Yellow Fever. An official certification according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.
  • Confirm your flight ticket or the date of arrival and departure from Uganda.
  • Verify the purpose of your trip to Uganda. 
  • A clear copy of your biographical information.

Uganda visa requirements for Saint Lucian citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Saint Lucian citizens

Applying For An Uganda Visa For Saint Lucian Citizens

After fulfilling the requirements mentioned above, the next step is to apply for a visa. This step is straightforward and you only need to spend 20 minutes to complete it.

  • Step 1: Applicants select "Apply Visa" to begin.
  • Step 2: Then, choose the type of visa for your trip. You can see the types of visas at the top (Transit visa/ Tourist visa/ East Africa visa).
  • Step 3: The next step is to read carefully and fill in all the necessary information.
    • Your full name, D.o.B, gender, and nationality.
    • Your passport details such as date of issue, and date of expiration.
  • Step 4: Confirm the above information is correct, choose a payment method, and complete the visa application process.

Rush Visa Service

When choosing this service, applicants should carefully consider choosing the service that best suits the situation when they need a visa urgently. Except for the normal processing service, other options will have different costs.

  • Normal Processing
    • The standard process with completion time is 03 business days, which cost $69. This is the cheapest option for you to choose while planning your tour in Uganda. 
  • Urgent Processing
    • Make sure the visa process is completed and emailed to you within 48 hours, the fee will be $79.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • Make sure the visa process is completed and emailed to you within 24 hours, or the same day. The request fee is $99.

Uganda visa for Saint Lucian citizens

Uganda visa for Saint Lucian citizens

Uganda Visa Fees For Saint Lucian Citizens

Both Service Fee and Government Fees are important and must be paid by the applicants before processing a visa to Uganda.

We recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance or COVID-19 as it not only supports your own interests when traveling abroad but also increases the chances of your visa being accepted. Your domestic insurance is also unlikely to be accepted upon arrival in Uganda.

To submit the visa payment, Saint Lucian applicants, please only pay via our accepted methods of payment:

  • We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.
  • For wire transfers, we accept the Bank of Cyprus.

For every user when applying for a visa to Uganda through our service, you will be further supported with 2 free services: pick-up service and Uganda eSim.