Uganda Visa For Panamanian Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Rubaga Cathedral

If you enjoy architectural grandeur, the Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala is a must-see. The Towering House of God is located atop one of the original seven hills that comprise Kampala. St Mary's and Sacred Heart Cathedral Rubaga, seen from all directions, particularly in central Kampala, is a city attraction not to be overlooked by tourists to the Pearl of Africa.

Rubaga Hill provides excellent viewpoints of the area, is peaceful and calm, and the historical architecture is fascinating to see and learn about ancient Roman architecture. The Rubaga Cathedral church structure has been repaired several times, but most of the materials and structural style have been preserved in their original state. Travelers will have the opportunity to admire the ancient beauty inside and out and the beautiful interior of the Rubaga twin tower churches. In addition, there are also burials of the first African Catholic bishop and the first African Archbishop of Kampala.

Uganda Immigration Services is proud to be a fast, simple, and reputable visa service provider for international tourists in general and Panamanian citizens in particular. If you are looking to travel to Uganda from Panama, we provide all the information you need in this article, or you can contact us for immediate assistance.

Uganda e-visa for Panama

Uganda e-visa for Panama

Uganda Visa Requirements For Panamanian Citizens

Panama is not visa-free to Uganda. Therefore, Panamanian citizens need to apply for a visa before entering Uganda. Before discussing the visa application process, we will introduce you to the following 3 types.

  • Transit Visa
    • This visa allows you to transit in Uganda for 7 days. This visa is non-renewable and allows single entry into Uganda.
  • Tourist Visa
    • This is the most common form of visa for tourists to Uganda. This visa allows you to enter Uganda once and for a maximum period of 3 months (or 90 days). All tourist activities are allowed. However, any work-related activity is strictly forbidden while holding this visa.
  • East Africa Visa
    • East Africa visa is also another option for travel to Uganda. You are allowed unlimited entry to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. An East Africa visa permits you to visit these 3 countries in 90 days without limitations. It cannot be extended and work is not permitted.

Those are the 3 most common types of visas that you can apply for now to travel to Uganda. However, this is not all. Next, Panamanian citizens need to fulfill some minimum visa requirements to be examined for entry into Uganda.

  • A valid Panama passport. 
  • It’s recommended that your passport should be valid for at least 6 months and at least 02 unused pages for visa stamps.
  • Citizens of Panama must obtain a vaccination certificate for Yellow Fever before traveling to Uganda. 
  • Verify the date of arrival and departure.
  • Verify hotel/ accommodation reservation, if available.
  • A copy of biographical details.

Uganda visa requirements for Panamanian citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Panamanian citizens

Applying For An Uganda e-Visa For Panamanian Citizens

The process of applying for a visa to Uganda has been simplified with the emergence of an e-visa model that the Ugandan government has launched in 2016. Now, you only need 15-20 minutes to complete the online visa application on the website from your computer or other smart devices such as a mobile, or tablet.

To apply for an Uganda visa for Panamanian citizens, applicants need to:

  • Step 1: Apply via online visa application.
  • Step 2: Select the right visa (Transit/ Tourist/ East Africa visa), and the processing time service. We will provide details below this section formore information about processing time service.
  • Step 3: Put in your details (Full name, gender, nationality), and your passport details.
  • Step 4: Verify your information and complete the payment.

Processing Time Service

Please note that Panamanian applicants need to select this service before paying the visa fee. The cost of this service varies depending on your choice.

  • Normal Procedure - A standard service that will grant your visa approval within 03 working days.
  • Urgent Procedure - This service will grant your visa approval within 48 hours. Panamanian applicants must pay a service fee of $79.
  • Super Urgent Procedure - This service will grant your visa approval within 24 hours, or on the same day. Panamanian applicants must submit a service cost of $99. 

The following purposes of entry have been accepted by Ugandan regulations for Panamanian citizens with an e-visa passport to enter the country:

  • For educational purposes.
  • For visiting family members, or relatives in Uganda.
  • For tourist trips.
  • For Healthcare purposes.

Uganda visa for Panamanian citizens

Uganda visa for Panamanian citizens

Uganda Visa Fees For Panamanian Citizens

For Panamanian citizens to complete the visa application, service fees and government fees are required.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for Panamanian citizens before traveling to Uganda. It will be difficult to predict what may happen in your journeys, for instance, a canceled or delayed flight, injury, or illness. So travel insurance plays a vital role when one of these situations occurs, and it will cover such expenses.

Panamanian citizens can submit the payment via:

  • American Express, Visa, Paypal, and Mastercard.
  • For wire transfers, applicants should only use the bank of Cyprus.

A reminder is that Panamanian applicants will receive pick-up service and Uganda eSim as part of our visa procedure. The two (02) services come without any cost.