Uganda Visa For Norfolk Islander Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Lake Bunyonyi

If you desire to escape into a peaceful, gorgeous landscape, Lake Bunyonyi is the destination. Lake Bunyonyi referred to as the “place of many birds”, is a basin in Southwestern Uganda, near the border of Rwanda. The lake is considered to be Africa's second deepest, after Tanganyika, and one of the few Bilharzia-free lakes. During your safari itinerary, you can request Lake Bunyonyi to be included in your trip as well.

These beautifully landscaped slopes surround Lake Bunyonyi. These hills are cultivated by the native Bakiga people who live in this region and cultivate on a subsistence basis, providing lovely beauty. Lake Bunyonyi is popular with both local and foreign tourists, and it is a must-see if you enjoy the lake, history, stunning countryside landscape, and peaceful scenes.

The lake contains 29 islands, some of which are abandoned while others are occupied by inhabitants and tourist attractions. Akampene, Bucuranuka, and Sharps Island hold a lot of historical values, for instance. 

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Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Type of Uganda e-Visa For Norfolk Islanders

Is a visa required for Norfolk Islanders to travel to Uganda?

Norfolk Islanders must apply for a visa before traveling to Uganda. Before we get into the details of the visa process and visa standards, citizens of Norfolk Island should read through the current types of Uganda visas and their functions.

  • Transit Visa
    • This visa allows you to transit in Uganda for 7 days. This visa is non-renewable and allows single entry into Uganda.
  • Tourist Visa
    • This is the most common form of visa for tourists to Uganda. This visa allows you to enter Uganda once and for a maximum period of 3 months (or 90 days). All tourist activities are allowed, however, any work-related activity is strictly forbidden while holding this visa.
  • East Africa Visa
    • East Africa visa is also another option for travel to Uganda. You are allowed unlimited entry to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. An East Africa visa permits you to visit these 3 countries in 90 days without limitations. It cannot be extended and work is not permitted.

Uganda Visa Requirements For Norfolk Islanders

Completing these criteria will increase your chances of getting a visa, so it is very important to have the required documents ready before you apply for a visa to Uganda. Applicants need: 

  • A valid and original Norfolk Island passport, any modification detected will result in rejection immediately.
  • The passport should have 02 unused pages to obtain visa stamps as well as an expiration date of more than 06 months.
  • Prepare additional 02 passport photos.

On the other hand, applicants may well prepare the following information:

  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Hotel booking, if any
  • Flight booking, if any

Uganda visa requirements for Norfolk Islanders

Uganda visa requirements for Norfolk Islanders

Applying For An Uganda Visa For Norfolk Islanders

Uganda visa for Norfolk Islanders can be acquired in a few simple steps:

  • Applicants must first access and fill in the information in this Online form.
  • Select the number of applicants, type of visa (Tourist visa, East Africa visa, or Transit visa), processing time, and travel insurance if needed. For further information, please see the Rush Visa service below this section.
  • Provide information on the applicant as well as passport details.
  • Please ensure that the provided information is entered correctly.
  • Double check the information and select the payment method,
  • After paying the visa fees, applicants may be required to send us some supporting documents to complete the visa application process. Lastly, wait for 03 days for further notification.

Rush Visa Service

We will detail each type of Rush Visa service below. Note that the cost depends on how quickly you want the visa to be processed.

  • Normal Processing
    • Visa will be emailed to you within 3 days. For this routine process, you don't need to pay any extra cost.
  • Fast Processing
    • To get a visa within 48 hours, choose this function and pay an extra service fee.
  • Super Fast Processing
    • You can request to receive your visa within 24 hours if you choose this service. This is the most expensive service.

Citizens of Norfolk Island are permitted to travel to Uganda with an electronic visa for the purposes of:

  • Visiting family, or friends who live in Uganda.
  • For medical purposes in Uganda.
  • For a vacation, a trip.
  • For Healthcare.

Uganda visa for Norfolk Islanders

Uganda visa for Norfolk Islanders

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Norfolk Islanders

When applying for a visa through our system, Norfolk Islanders are obligated to submit both Service Fee and Government Fee

With experience serving in the visa field, our experts encourage Norfolk Islanders to prepare with Travel Insurance or COVID-19 for their own benefit. This is not a required commercial service, however, it can protect you from unforeseen problems such as delayed or canceled flights, injury, or emergencies. 

Our current system provides 2 methods of payment that are available for Norfolk Islanders:

  • American Express, Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • For direct deposit, we only accept the bank of Cyprus.

Additionally, we provide pick-up service and Uganda eSim service with a small fee of charge for travelers as well as Norfolk Islanders when applying for a Uganda visa on our portal.