Uganda visa requirement for Netherlands Antilles - Fee & Service

From Kampala capital, about 3 hour drive to Murchison National Park in the northwest direction, where you will see Budongo forest. In East Africa, this is considered the largest Mahogany forest and also contains the largest concentration of chimpanzees in Uganda. In addition, when you come here, you can find other ecotourism attractions such as Busingiro, and Kaniyo Pabidi near Murchison National Park. Here, mainly the trees are mahogany and ironwood in large quantities.

The 115-kilometer stretch is a secluded portion of the Budongo forest. Its seclusion occasionally provides a safe haven for Lions, Leopards, and Buffaloes. The beginning of the day is the best time to go sightseeing since you will be able to see a lot of wild creatures licking salt in the woodland glades. Within this woodland, the River Waiga provides replenishment to the diverse Uganda safari animal species.

Traveling to Uganda has become easier than ever with the advent of e-visas. However, to travel to Uganda, you need to prepare some important documents and some necessary information. At Uganda Immigration Services, we provide all the information and visa processing for you. Netherlands Antilles citizens can learn more about our services in this article.

Uganda visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens

Uganda visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens

Uganda Visa Requirements For Netherlands Antilles Citizens

Because the Netherlands is not exempt from visa-free when traveling to Uganda, Netherlands Antilles citizens are REQUIRED to apply for a visa before traveling to Uganda.

Netherlands Antilles applicants should carefully read the following minimum requirements before applying for a tourist visa to Uganda. Failure to meet these criteria may result in a visa denial.

  • Your passport must have a valid value. Have at least 2 blank pages for the visa stamp.
  • In addition, the validity of the passport cannot be less than 6 months.
  • A clear photocopy of the applicant's background is required.
  • A vaccine against Yellow Fever or a certificate of the vaccine, if any.
  • Confirm your arrival and departure dates.
  • Contact address, whereabouts in Uganda, if any.
  • An email address is required.

Type of Uganda Visa For Netherlands Antilles Citizens

Currently, Uganda offers 3 common tourist visas for international tourists in general and citizens from the Netherlands Antilles in particular, as follows:

  • Tourist Visa - To travel to Uganda, citizens from the Netherlands Antilles need this type of visa. You will be granted 90 days (3 months) and enter Uganda 1 time. Visa only allows travel, illegal work-related activities are prohibited.
  • East Africa Visa - In addition to a tourist visa, you can apply for a similar type of visa, the East Africa visa. However, the big difference with this visa is that you can move freely between Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda within 90 days. This is also a tourist visa, illegal work-related activities are prohibited.
  • Transit Visa - You only need this visa if Uganda is not your main destination and you need to transit in Uganda for a short period of time. This visa allows you to enter Uganda within 7 days.

Uganda visa requirements for Netherlands Antilles citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Netherlands Antilles citizens

Applying For An Uganda Visa For Netherlands Antilles Citizens

Before applying for a visa to Uganda, our professionals recommend that Netherlands Antilles applicants must fulfill the criteria described in the above section. Also, avoid booking tickets too early before you get your visa result.

  • The process of applying for a visa to Uganda is done through 4 steps as follows:
  • Register by online application. Complete the online form by adding the necessary information in the blanks, including your personal information, and passport information.
  • Choose the right type of visa for your trip to Uganda.
  • Choose a payment method, the visa will be reviewed after you complete the payment for the service. The normal visa application process will be reviewed within 3 days.

Processing Time Service

To shorten the processing time of the visa application process, we would like to introduce the processing time service. Depending on the circumstances that applicants should consider carefully when choosing this service, the service fee depends on how quickly they want to acquire the visa.

  • Normal Processing - With the normal process, we guarantee the visa application will be completed within 3 business days.
  • Urgent Processing - Visa will be emailed to you in 48 hours for a cost of $79.
  • Super Urgent Processing - the fastest visa service currently, the visa will be emailed to you on the same day (24 hours). The service fee is $99.

Uganda e-visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens

Uganda e-visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens

Uganda Visa Fee For Netherlands Antilles Citizens

When applying for an Uganda visa, Netherlands Antilles citizens are obligated to submit Service Fee and Government Fee. This is a requirement.

We strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance or COVID-19. Even under the best of circumstances, any trouble is unpredictable. Travel insurance might be able to cover you from the unforeseen financial loss, or if you need a medical emergency, could you bear the cost? These and other issues can be addressed with travel insurance.

At the moment, our system accepts the following methods of payment:

  • We accept American Express, Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • For wire transfers, we accept the bank of Cyprus.

Pick-up service and Uganda eSim are add-on services without any charge for Netherlands Antilles travelers.