Uganda Visa For Nepali Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve

This Reserve is considered home to many primates in the Kyambura wildlife reserve; however, the most prominent here is the chimpanzee. In the Kyambura forest reserve, chimpanzees are a species that needs to be strictly protected because this species is facing extinction. At Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Kyambura Wildlife Sanctuary is considered a must-visit tourist activity and a beauty of nature.

The beautiful scenery and tall trees in the Kyambura Wilderness make it an ideal tourist destination for tourists and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda. In addition to chimpanzees, this place also attracts a large number of birds to live here. Because of its hidden location, most of the time, visitors can miss this wonderful wildlife in Kyambura when traveling in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Uganda is a beautiful country with vast wilderness, ancient volcanoes, national parks, wild animals, cultures, and many more. There is a lot more than you can expect when visiting Uganda, such as meeting friendly local folks, discovering the wildlife, or finding beautiful handicrafts made by the locals. Fortunately, getting a visa to Uganda is not complicated, and you can do it at any time from your own comfortable home. At Uganda Immigration Services, our experts provide every information you need and a guide on ‘how-to-apply-for-an-Uganda-visa’ in 15 minutes.

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, Uganda

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, Uganda

Uganda Visa Requirements For Nepali Citizens

Do citizens of Nepal need a visa to travel to Uganda?

Nepali citizens MUST acquire a visa to Uganda. There are 3 accessible Uganda tourist visas that Nepali citizens can get. Each visa functions differently, therefore, make sure you understand and select the appropriate visa.

  • Transit Visa
    • If you have more than 2 stops during the trip and need to cross Uganda for a short period, this visa will grant you 07 days and access Uganda once.
  • Tourist/ Traveling Visa
    • Holding this visa will grant you access to Uganda for 90 days (3 months), all tourism activities are accessible for holders of this visa.
  • East Africa Visa
    • Holders of this visa will not only receive the same privileges as tourist visas but also be able to travel between Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda. The duration of this visa is 90 days (3 months) and multiple entrances. 

Selecting a visa to Uganda is only the first step in determining the purpose of your trip to Uganda. Nepali citizens must also provide the following documents before applying for a visa:

  • Your Nepal passport must be original and:
    • The expiration date should not be less than 6 months.
    • There are 2 blank pages left to acquire the visa stamp.
  • A document including the applicant's biographical information page, which is scanned and then sent through email.
  • A current photograph of the applicant was taken in the last 6 months.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. Failure to meet this factor may result in your visa being denied.
  • Verify your trip purpose, departure, and return dates.
  • Address of residence in Uganda, if applicable.

Uganda visa requirements for Nepali citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Nepali citizens

Apply For An Uganda Visa Online For Nepali Citizens

To apply for a visa to Uganda, all you need is to provide your information on our platform at Uganda Immigration Services, then pay the total cost of the visa service, and wait for your visa result within 03 business days.

  • To begin applying for a visa, please fill out the information according to the instructions in the Online application.
  • Select the number of applicants and the type of visa (Tourist/ East Africa/ Transit visa).
  • The processing time frame will be presented for applicants to choose what services they want to get. 
  • Information about the applicant (full name, gender, nationality, D.o.B).
  • Information on your passport (issued date, expiration date).
  • Verify your information before completing the payment.

Rush Visa Service (Processing Time)

To enhance our service as a visa provider, we also include the Rush Visa service which will ensure to get your visa approved within 24 to 72 working hours upon request. 

  • Normal Processing - Ensure your visa will be processed and delivered within 03 working days. 
  • Urgent Processing - To receive your visa within 48 hours, Nepali citizens can select this option. However, applicants need to pay a service fee of $79.
  • Super Urgent Processing - To get your visa approved within 24 hours, Nepali citizens can consider selecting this service for a fee of $99.

Uganda visa for Nepali citizens

Uganda visa for Nepali citizens

Uganda Visa Fee For Nepali Citizens

When applying for an e-visa service, Nepali applicants need to pay Service Fee and Government Fee to get their visa application approved.

Nepali citizens may not be required to have Travel Insurance or COVID-19, however, it plays a very important role in your travel itinerary. Any unexpected events such as accidents, lost documents, or fees might be incurred when you are abroad. Travel Insurance will help you worry less about financial risks during your trip.

Our service currently provides 2 methods of payment as below:

  • Applicants can pay using American Express, Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • Alternatively, applicants select the bank of Cyprus for direct deposit.

Pick-up service and Uganda eSim are also included as add-on services available for Nepali citizens when applying for an Uganda visa at Uganda Immigration Services.