Uganda Visa For Namibian Citizens - Requirements & Fees

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With experience in supporting the visa process for international tourists in general and Namibian citizens in particular, Uganda Immigration Services is proud to provide fast, simple, and easy visa services. In this article, Namibian citizens will be provided with all the information on how to get a visa to Uganda, what criteria they need, and how much it will cost.

Kagulu Hill Climbing, Uganda

Kagulu Hill Climbing, Uganda

Uganda Visa Requirements For Namibian Citizens

Citizens from Namibia are not exempted from visas when visiting Uganda. Therefore, Namibian citizens need to get a visa before going to Uganda.

When applying for a visa, Namibian citizens need to comply with the requirements with the limit of their visa permits, such as the number of days they can stay in Uganda and what they can do in Uganda. Namibian citizens are allowed to apply for a visa in the following 3 types:

Transit Visa - This visa grants 07 days to stay in Uganda, and you can enter Uganda once only. Although this visa is not strictly a tourist visa, you can take advantage of the limited 7 days to visit Uganda.

Tourist Visa - Holding this visa with 3-month validity (90 days), Namibian travelers are allowed to enter Uganda once to check all tourist activities in Uganda. While holding this visa, you are not allowed to work in Uganda.

East Africa Visa - With this visa, Namibian travelers are also allowed to participate in all tourist activities within 3 months (90 days). However, the distinguishing feature of this visa is that it allows you to freely move between the three countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

After you have selected your visa, the next step is to prepare the following documents before applying for a visa:

  • The applicant must have a valid Namibia passport, and the passport must not be less than 6 months valid.
  • In addition, you need to have at least 2 blank pages in your passport to get your visa stamp.
  • Most importantly, Namibian citizens are required to have the Yellow Fever vaccination and present a certificate before entering Uganda.
  • State your goals for visiting Uganda.
  • Confirm arrival and departure dates from Uganda.
  • Document where you will stay in Uganda temporarily.

Uganda visa requirements for Namibian citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Namibian citizens

Apply For An Uganda Visa Online For Namibian Citizens

With the Uganda government's electronic visa issuance policy since 2016, Namibian citizens can now apply for a visa on the online platform. Using the online platform, you will get your visa before your trip to Uganda. After completing the visa process, your application will be reviewed by the Uganda Immigration officer, and if no issues occur, your visa will be approved within 03 working days.

  • The online visa application process is summarized in this online form. You just need to select and fill the information in the blank boxes.
  • The applicant chooses a visa for one or for a group of people and the type of visa.
  • For the Processing time service, we charge an extra fee if applicants have an urgent need for a visa. The cost for this service will be described below in this section.
  • After that, visa applicants need to provide some personal information and their passport.
  • Visa applicants need to confirm the information is correct before applying. To complete the visa process, please pay the visa fee and wait for the result within 3 days.

Rush Visa (Processing time)

With Rush Visa service, Namibian applicants can request to speed up the processing and get the earliest visa results according to service standards. Namibian citizens have 3 options to select:

  • Normal Processing 
    • If you do not need a visa urgently, this process will process and issue your visa within 3 days in the usual way.
  • Urgent Processing
    • If you need a visa within 48 hours, this is a suitable option for you. The cost for this service is $79.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • Faster than Urgent is Super Urgent, at a cost of $99, your visa will be processed on the same day or within 24 hours after applying.

Uganda visa for Namibian citizens

Uganda visa for Namibian citizens

Uganda Visa Fee For Namibian Citizens

Namibian citizens are obligated to complete Service Fee and Government Fee in order for their visa application to be processed. 

Travel Insurance or COVID-19, is an insurance package designed for travelers going abroad with high protection and global geographic coverage, including many insurance benefits such as flight cancellation, loss of baggage, or the need for unexpected medical treatment.

There are 2 ways for Namibian citizens to pay visa costs:

  • Namibian applicants can pay online by credit or debit card. Our system accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or American Express.
  • For cash transfers, Namibian applicants should only use the bank of Cyprus.

For every customer as well as Namibian citizens applying for an Uganda visa on our portal, you will also be assisted with pick-up service and Uganda eSim. There are 2 add-on services included in the package at no additional cost.