Uganda Visa For Moldovan Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Aswa-Lolim Game Reserve, situated in the north of Uganda, is considered one of the rarest and also most isolated nature reserves. The reserve was designated in 1972 and is a big home for many species of wild animals, such as elephants, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys, many species of birds, and many more. 

Besides Aswa-Lolim Reserve, Uganda has many other protected areas, such as the Bugungu wildlife reserve, Bokora wildlife reserve, Kigezi wildlife reserve, and Matheiko wildlife reserve. As a result, Uganda is acknowledged not only because of its ten national parks but also for its wildlife reserves. All wildlife reserves in Uganda have incredibly fascinating wildlife diversity and bird species.

Applying for a Uganda visa is not too difficult, but if you do not know how to prepare documents, and procedures, to avoid visa rejection, you should carefully refer to the following articles of Uganda Immigration Services or request our visa assistant service. 

Aswa-Lolim Reserve, Uganda

Aswa-Lolim Reserve, Uganda

Uganda e-Visa Types For Moldovan Citizens

Do Moldovan citizens need a visa to enter Uganda?

  • Yes. Moldovan citizens MUST acquire a visa to travel to Uganda.

Uganda offers a variety of visas, the most prevalent of which are tourist and East Africa visas. Both tourist visas grant 90 days for Moldovan travelers, however, single-entry or multiple-entry depends on the purpose of the trip. 

  • Tourist visa (single-entry)
    • To travel to Uganda, you need a tourist visa. This tourist visa allows you to enter Uganda as a tourist for no more than 90 days. You are not allowed to work while holding this visa.
  • East Africa visa (Multiple-entry)
    • Another option for your travel to Uganda is the East Africa visa. With this visa, you can not only explore tourism in Uganda but also in Kenya, and Rwanda. Within 90 days, you can freely go in and out between the 3 countries.
  • Transit visa (Single-entry)
    • This visa allows you to transit in Uganda for 7 days before you move to your next country.

Uganda Visa Requirements For Moldovan Citizens

Moldovan applicants are required to obtain a few pieces of paperwork to apply for a Uganda visa based on the goal and length of their travel. Basically, Moldovan travelers will need to prepare the following documents:

  • A valid Moldova passport is required, and the validity must not be less than 6 months after arriving in Uganda.
  • This passport also needs to have a minimum of 2 blank pages for visa stamping.
  • You also need to prepare 02 additional photos, the size of the passport picture.

If any

  • Moldovan travelers should have a certificate of the Yellow Fever vaccine. 
  • Accommodation bookings and flight tickets (If any)

Uganda visa requirements for Moldovan citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Moldovan citizens

Applying For Uganda e-Visa From Moldova

The most convincing reason for Moldovan citizens to acquire an Uganda electronic visa instead of a traditional visa is that it can be issued easily by completing an online form. The process needs only a few minutes to finish, saving a lot of time, stress, and the need to travel.

In order not to waste any more of your time, we will go straight to the Uganda visa application procedure:

  • First, applicants please go to this link to get started.
  • Carefully review the visa type for your journey (Transit, Tourist, East Africa Visas).
  • Choose the processing time for your visa process.
    • The service fee depends on how fast you want to get your visa.
    • If not selected, normal processing is set by default.
  • Provide your information and your passport details.
    • Your name, gender, nationality, and DoB.
    • Passport number
    • Date of arrival and departure
  • Verify the information. Complete the application by paying the visa fees and sending Uganda Immigration Services some supporting documents.
  • Receive the confirmation of your application. Within a few days, you will receive your Uganda e visa.

Processing Time (Rush Visa): You can read more details about options for Processing Time service below.

  • Normal Processing
    • Guaranteed you will receive your visa within 03 business days. The service fee is $69. No extra fee is charged.
  • Urgent Processing
    • Guaranteed you will get your visa in less than 48 hours, at an extra cost of $79.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • Guaranteed to get your visa within 24 hours, at an extra fee of $99.

Uganda visa for Moldovan citizens

Uganda visa for Moldovan citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Moldovan Citizens

Service Fee and Government Fee are required when Moldovan citizens apply for a visa through our platform and service.

Travel insurance or COVID-19 is optional. The cost of travel insurance is not large, however, it can be economic support in bad situations such as being sick or injured during the journey, hospital expenses, and medical examination when something goes wrong.

To ensure service benefits for customers and limit unnecessary risks when paying service costs. Uganda Immigration Services would like to provide you with 2 ways to confirm the payment as follows:

  • American Express, Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • For direct deposit, the bank of Cyprus is accepted.

In addition, customers when applying for a visa through our service will receive the accompanying support form of pick-up service and Uganda eSim