Uganda Visa For Micronesian Citizens - Requirements & Fees

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Katonga Wildlife Reserve, Uganda

Katonga Wildlife Reserve, Uganda

Uganda Visa Requirements For Micronesian Citizens

Visa requirements for Micronesians are entry policies implemented on Micronesians by the authorities of Uganda. Entry requirements for Micronesian citizens may differ based on the intent of the trip as well as the duration of stay the visitor intends to remain in Uganda. 

In this article, we will provide a list of tourist visas available and the required documents when applying for a Uganda visa for Micronesian citizens.

  • Transit Visa - This single-entry visa is suitable when you need to transit in Uganda for a short time before moving to a third country. This visa enables its holders to transit through Uganda and have 07 days to explore the top-rated attractions in the country. You cannot extend this visa.
  • Tourist Visa - To explore tourist activities in Uganda, you can consider this visa. This visa allows you to enter Uganda once in a period of no more than 90 days. Visitors are not allowed to stay longer or work in Uganda.
  • East Africa Visa - In addition, you can consider this visa for your trip to discover nature, and culture becomes richer. This visa gives you multiple entries between these countries: Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. You will also have 90 days to remain in these 03 countries with this visa.

To acquire your authorization to visit Uganda, Micronesian applicants will need to present several credentials. You must ensure that all of these files have correct and up-to-date personal details so that your application process goes well.

  • A legal passport that will function for a minimum of 06 months after entering Uganda. There should be at least 02 unused pages for verification stamps in the passport.
  • A copy of your picture, ideally passport-sized and recently taken.
  • A Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate. (If any)
  • Flight tickets and accommodation reservations (if any).

Uganda visa requirements for Micronesian citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Micronesian citizens

Applying For Uganda e-Visa From Micronesia

The following is a straightforward step-by-step procedure for Micronesia passport holders requesting an Uganda online visa:

  • Fill out the Uganda e-visa application form with your personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, gender, and nationality.
  • Put in your passport information: Passport number
  • Provide your contact details: Email and cell phone numbers.
  • Confirm your trip intent: The scheduled date of entrance and departure of your trip.
  • Submit your application after checking the provided information.

Processing Time Guide: If you have an urgent need for a visa within 24 to 48 hours after submitting your application. You can review and choose one from our following processing services. Note that you are required to make this selection before submitting your visa application.

  • Normal Processing
    • This process will ensure your visa application is completed within 3 days. This service costs $69.
  • Urgent Processing
    • Choose this service for an extra fee of $79, the e-visa will be delivered to your email address within 48 hours.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • For an extra fee of $99, this service will ensure your visa is approved within 24 hours.

Uganda visa for Micronesian citizens

Uganda visa for Micronesian citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Micronesian Citizens

To complete the visa application process and acquire a visa, Micronesian applicants are obligated to pay 2 fees: Service Fee and Government Fee.

Travel insurance or COVID-19 is a type of protection that covers financial risks that Micronesian travelers may face when traveling. Our experts highly suggest that applicants should consider purchasing insurance before traveling to Uganda.

Visa service fees can be paid in two ways:

  • Online methods: American Express, Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • For direct deposit, we accept the bank of Cyprus.