Uganda Visa For Mayotte Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Kyambura Gorge is situated in the south of Uganda, on the far eastern edge of Queen Elizabeth Reserve. The Kyambura environment is one of Uganda's most spectacularly unusual terrains, surrounded by a diverse wildlife nature that includes a large number of monkeys, wild animals, and birds.

The Gorge, also referred to as Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, is part of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth Nature Reserve, one of Uganda's largest reserves. As an extra benefit to the standard safaris featuring wildlife excursions and a ferry ride, most tourists to the park are offered a Chimpanzee Safari to the magnificent Kyambura canyon.

As you approach this incredible Gorge, you would be amazed by the verdant, dense tropical forest close to the Equator crossing, which makes it a separate territory of its own. The Savannah above the gorge has a substantial accumulation of sunlight, which supplies brightness. The dense forest consists of rich, and varied, vegetation that covers the sun's rays.

Having read this far, you must be planning to travel to the wild country of Uganda, right? Visa application procedures, and the necessary documents when applying for a visa will be provided with Uganda Immigration Services. Additionally, we provide additional pick-up service and Uganda eSim for travelers. 

Kyambura Gorge, Uganda

Kyambura Gorge, Uganda

Uganda Visa Requirements For Mayotte Citizens

Currently, the Ugandan government offers three types of tourist visas to visitors from Mayotte. Maorais applicants should carefully read and understand the features of each of these visas to make the right choice for their trip.

  • Transit Visa - A transit visa may be issued to Maorais citizens traveling to a third nation if the travelers possess a valid onward ticket. This single-entry visa is valid for 03 months from the issued date, allowing its holders to transit through Uganda and remain there for up to 07 days.
  • Tourist Visa - When traveling to Uganda, you can choose this popular type of visa. Maorais travelers will be granted a 90-day tourist permit in Uganda. You are not allowed to stay over this limit, or you could incur a large fine and violate Uganda's laws.
  • East Africa Visa - Just holding this type of visa, you will be granted the right to travel freely from Kenya, Uganda, and even Rwanda. You'll also have 90 days to explore the tourist attractions in the 3 mentioned countries, and you can enter and leave as you please within 90 days.

Before beginning the registration procedure, Maorais citizens must comply with the Uganda visa requirements:

  • Have a Mayotte passport that is effective for a minimum of 60 days until after vacation ends.
  • There should be at least 2 unused pages in the passport for visa stamping.
  • Provide an existing email address in which applicants can get updates about their Uganda visa status.
  • Have a valid debit or credit card to pay the visa processing charge.

If any:

  • Maorais travelers should have a Yellow Fever vaccination and a certificate.
  • Hotel reservations and flight bookings

If the passport is about to expire, it must be reissued before requesting a visa. Furthermore, passport holders must ensure that they travel to Uganda using the same travel document that they used when applying for a visa.

Uganda visa requirements for Maorais citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Maorais citizens

Applying For Uganda e-Visa For Mayotte Citizens

The Uganda visa for Maorais citizens is generally issued within 03 working days. It is critical to note that any document mistakes and missing information can cause delays in the process and potentially visa refusal. As a result, Maorais travelers should apply for a Uganda visa in advance before departure, and avoid booking tours until their visa is approved. 

Applying for a visa to Uganda is done through the following steps:

  • You proceed with the login or registration process at our website or via this link.
  • Consider choosing a visa for your journey.
  • Provide information about you and visa details
  • Double-check all data provided in the application form and pay the visa fees. Uganda Immigration Services will ask you to provide some supporting documents to proceed with your application
  • Confirm information before completing the form.

The processing time of a visa application is determined by the department where you apply for a visa. If you register for a Uganda visa via Uganda Immigration Services, we guarantee that you will have your visa within 03 working days.

  • Normal Service - A standard service that will guarantee your visa within 03 working days. Applicants have to pay a $69 service charge.
  • Urgent Service - You will have to pay an extra service fee of $79 for this option if you want a visa within 48 hours.
  • Super Urgent Service - with the fastest visa processing service, the visa will be delivered to Maorais applicants within 24 hours. And the extra service fee will be slightly higher than the previous option, for $99.

Uganda visa for Maorais citizens

Uganda visa for Maorais citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Mayotte Citizens

Maorais citizens are obligated to submit Service Fee and Government Fee when they request a visa to Uganda.

To increase your chances of successfully applying for a visa to Uganda, our visa experts recommend purchasing Travel insurance or COVID-19. Travel insurance will cover you with expenses incurred during your journey in Uganda, such as accidents, loss of personal belongings, medical treatments, etc.

To submit visa application fees, Maorais applicants can select one of the following methods:

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and American Express.
  • For direct deposit, we accept the bank of Cyprus.