Uganda Visa For Liechtensteiner Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is a conservation area in north-eastern Uganda's Karamoja territory. After Murchison Falls National Park, the reserve is Uganda's second largest ecologically nature reserve. Pian Upe is situated roughly 2,043 square kilometers north of Mount Elgon.

A significant portion of the protected area comprises ongoing Savannah and woodlands. There are also minor areas of riverine forests and kopjes. A portion of the reserve area is planted, particularly along the Greek River, which is threatened by alteration.

The Pian Upe Game Reserve is fairly arid, with only one heavy rainy season every year. Plants and animals were discovered to have evolved to survive for long periods of time without water. There are many grasslands and primeval forests. The tree species that dominate the unique population here are Roan Antelopedesert and red acacia. The reserve is dominated by shrubs such as capers and butterflies.

Most visitors traveling to Uganda need a visa in order to enter the country. Begin your Uganda visa application with Uganda Immigration Services and read more about the Uganda visa requirements. Continue reading this article to learn more about Uganda visa costs, services, and criteria.

Pian Upe wildlife reserve, Uganda

Pian Upe wildlife reserve, Uganda

Uganda Visa Requirements For Liechtensteiner Citizens

Since 2016, Uganda's policy has introduced electronic tourist visa issuance for both international and Liechtensteiner citizens for short or long-term stays, eliminating the need to apply for an embassy visa or wait for long queues at border gates to apply for a visa on arrival.

To travel to Uganda for extended trips, as well as to travel up to 3 countries for any time or purpose of stay, Liechtensteiner citizens MUST apply for a visa. There are 3 types of tourist visas for Liechtensteiner travelers:

  • Transit visa
    • If you are from Liechtenstein and you want to apply for a transit visa through Uganda, you can apply for this type of visa at Uganda Immigration Services. The transit visa permits a single entrance with 07 days to stay for Liechtensteiner citizens. A transit visa is valid for 3 months from the issued date.
  • Tourist visa
    • Travelers from Liechtenstein want to visit Uganda for a leisure trip, a tourist visa is available for this purpose. The visa grants a single entrance with 90 days (3 months) in Uganda.
  • East Africa visa
    • Just like the name implies, the visa permits you to explore the East Africa region, including Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Within 90 days, Manx travelers can go in and out freely for all 3 nations as there is no limit to entry. However, you cannot extend this visa.

Travel develops experiences, and these experiences provide pleasure to travelers. Traveling and exploring new locations may provide an individual with a quiet environment apart from their hectic lifestyle. We understand how travel changes you and your perceptions. So we've assembled a capable team to assist you with meeting all of the criteria for your vacation to Uganda.

  • A valid passport for at least 06 months from the date of entry in Uganda.
  • 02 unused pages for visa affix.
  • REQUIRED: Liechtensteiner citizens must acquire proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • A legitimate payment method: a debit/credit card or PayPal.
  • An existing email address: We need a valid email address in order to issue the approved visa. Please provide the correct email address.
  • Additional personal documents.

Uganda visa requirements for Liechtensteiner citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Liechtensteiner citizens

Apply For Uganda e-Visa From Liechtenstein

The technique for registering for an Uganda visa for Liechtensteiner citizens is clear, and anyone should be able to do it with ease. Applicants need to ensure that all of the provided information is precise. The visa will be delivered to your email address within 03 business days. However, ensure that the email address you entered when registering for the visa is accurate as well.

  • Before applying for a visa to Uganda, applicants should collect the documentation required for a visa to Uganda.
  • Proceed to Uganda Immigration Services, and select "Apply Visa".
  • Decide what kind of tourist visa you'll need according to the purpose of your trip.
  • Provide your information such as name, gender, and passport number.
  • Select the available visa services you prefer, or leave it as default.
  • Complete the payment and wait for approval.

You can always track the process of your application as you wait for the final approval. Additionally, before submitting your application, Liechtensteiner applicants need to select a processing time they prefer. For more information about processing time service, please see below:

Processing Time Services

  • Standard Processing
    • Liechtensteiner applicants will be notified within 03 business days for visa approval.
  • Urgent Processing
    • Liechtensteiner applicants will be notified within 48 hours of processing. The service fee must be paid before processing.
  • Super Urgent Processing
    • Liechtensteiner applicants will be notified within 24 hours of processing. The service fee must be submitted before processing.

Uganda visa for Liechtensteiner citizens

Uganda visa for Liechtensteiner citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Liechtensteiner Citizens

Please keep in mind that the Service Fee and Government Fee are required to be submitted for the visa application.

Travel insurance or COVID-19 is a type of insurance for Liechtensteiner citizens when traveling overseas, on business trips, visiting relatives, or on vacations. When participating in travel insurance, travelers will be covered for the following cases: personal incidents, flight delays/cancellations, property damage, lost documents, etc.

Our visa system currently accepts payment through

  • Online platforms: Mastercard, American Express, Payal, and Visa.
  • For wire transfers: the Bank of Cyprus.

Our service aims to support customers in the fastest and most convenient way possible. When applying for a visa to Uganda on our platform, the pick-up service and Uganda eSim will be included in the service package.