Uganda Visa For Lao Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Budongo Forest Uganda is located on the route to Murchison Falls National Park in the northern part of the country. The forest is located on the northeast foothills of Lake Albert. Hundreds of chimps inhabit the jungle, which was previously recognized for its vast quantities of mahogany trees. It is also one of Uganda's major chimp tracking spots. It is the home of an enormous mahogany tree, well over 80 meters high and 20 meters in circumference.

There are approximately 600 and 700 chimps that live in Budongo Forest. The primary purpose of the Budongo Forest Conservation Field Center is to research, preserve, and protect the local chimp populations.

Activities travelers can participate in Budongo Forest

  • Budongo Forest Reserve offers a variety of exciting activities such as Chimpanzee trekking, forest walks, and bird-watching. These excursions are among the most popular tourist activities available. Others include wildlife safari excursions, studies and conservation projects, and so forth.

Laotian citizens may register for a visa to Uganda completely online. We highly recommend applying electronically to minimize queue time and processing time. Uganda visa processing times vary depending on the country or service from which you apply. Laotian citizens can apply for a visa as well as request more assistance at Uganda Immigration Services

Budongo Forest, Uganda

Budongo Forest, Uganda

Uganda Visa Requirements For Laotian Citizens

If you are qualified for a visa, make sure you have an entrance stamp when you enter Uganda. Failure to have a valid entrance permit may result in custody or costly fines.

In ordinary situations, overstaying is a serious violation in Uganda, and anyone detected is likely to face serious penalties. Uganda tourist visa grants for a total of 90 days, thus Laotian visitors must ensure they understand the permission and function of the type of visa they are applying for.

If Laotian citizens fall into one of the five groups, they can request a visa to enter Uganda:

  • For visiting family members, or relatives in Uganda.
  • For educational purposes.
  • For Healthcare.
  • For the business trip.
  • For tourists and leisure.

Uganda visa for Laotian citizens provides a single entrance or multiple entrances based on the plan of their trip.

  • Transit visa
    • To assist Laotian tourists who intend to make a brief detour in Uganda, the transit visa allows you to stay within 07 days from the arrival date. The visa is only valid for one entrance.
  • Tourist visa
    • This visa grants single entry along with 90 days for tourism purposes in Uganda only. It is valid for 3 months from the issued date and allows visitors to stay in Uganda within 90 days from arrival date.
  • East Africa visa
    • If Laotian travelers hold a valid East African visa granted by either Rwanda, Kenya, or Uganda, they must first travel to the country that issued the visa. The visa is valid for 90 days from the issued date and allows for multiple entrances.

Uganda visa requirements for Laotian citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Laotian citizens

How To Apply For An Uganda e-Visa From Laos

Laotian travelers can utilize the easy electronic application platforms to quickly get an online visa for their trip without going to the Uganda embassy or waiting in a long immigration queue to apply for a visa on arrival.

To begin, please navigate to apply for an Uganda e-visa for Lao citizens. Then you need to fill out an online form with basic personal information according to their passport, as well as their flight details. In rare situations, the applicants may require some supporting papers, and pay a processing charge before final submission.

The majority of electronic visas and travel permissions for Laotians are normally handled within a couple of days and, once accepted, are immediately connected to the traveler's Laotian passport or delivered to the applicant’s email address.

Rush Visa Service: The rush visa service, also referred to as processing time, is a support service that provides the fastest visa results according to the applicants’ request.

  • Standard Service - If you don't choose Rush Visa service, you can select this Normal processing; your visa will be approved in about 3 business days.
  • Urgent Service - If you need a visa within 48 hours, select this service. You will be charged a service fee upon the final payment.
  • Super Urgent Service - If you want to get your visa in 24 hours, this is the best option we can offer. Service fees will be included in the final payment.

Uganda visa for Laotian citizens

Uganda visa for Laotian citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Laotian Citizens

The Service Fee and Government Fee need to be paid in full before your visa application is processed.

In addition, to ensure the safety of each trip, to make every business trip, visit relatives abroad or explore Uganda more fully, we recommend that Laotian travelers purchase Travel insurance or COVID-19 as well.

For the method of payment, Laotian citizens can submit on these two (02) systems:

  • Online system: Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and American Express.
  • For direct deposit: the bank of Cyprus.

The last benefit when you apply for a visa to Uganda through our service is that you will be assisted with the pick-up service and Uganda eSim.