Uganda e-Visa For Guadeloupe Citizens - Requirements And Fee

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Uganda e-Visa for Guadeloupean citizens

Uganda e-Visa for Guadeloupean citizens

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Guadeloupe Citizens

Before traveling to Uganda, it’s best to understand and choose an appropriate visa type for your trip. In this section, we’ll list 3 types of Uganda e-visas for Guadeloupean citizens.

  • Transit visa - This visa lets Guadeloupean travelers access Uganda while on their way to the primary destination. It allows you to stay in Uganda for only seven days from the date of your arrival and cannot be extended.
  • e-Tourist visa - For tourism and leisure trips in Uganda, Guadeloupean travelers can apply for this visa. The tourist e-visa grants single entry for 90 days for travelers.
  • East Africa visa - Now travelers from Guadeloupe can travel to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda with only one visa. East Africa visa grants multiple entries for 90 days from the arrival date, travelers will have more options for their choices of destinations.

After choosing a visa, you technically complete your first step. The next step is to ensure that you qualify for the visa requirements. Applicants' passports must comply with the following standards:

  • At least 02 blank sheets to have your visa stamped at the Uganda checkpoint.
  • At least 06 months validity from the day you arrive in Uganda.
  • An additional passport-sized photo.

It may possibly be simpler to obtain an Uganda e-visa if you also offer documents such as

  • Yellow fever vaccine certificate.
  • Hotel booking.
  • A travel itinerary.

Uganda visa requirements for Guadeloupean citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Guadeloupean citizens

How To Apply For Uganda e-Visa From Guadeloupe

If you are wondering how to apply for an Uganda e-visa for Guadeloupean citizens, it’s actually easier than you may expect, assuming you are qualified for all the above-mentioned requirements. Or you may contact our experts as well for assistance.

  • Step 1: The direct link will lead you to the application form (also available on Uganda Immigration Services website).
  • Step 2: Choose the visa for your journey.
  • Step 3: Complete the application form by filling in the blank boxes.
  • Step 4: Submit your payment to complete the application.

In addition, Uganda Immigration Services offers Rush Visa services in order to deliver the best result upon your request.

  • Normal Procedure - A basic procedure that will approve and send the visa to you within 03 working days.
  • Urgent Procedure - The process of your visa will be hastened and delivered within 48 hours. If you want to get your visa faster, you can choose this service and make the payment before completing the application.
  • Super-urgent Procedure - The fastest procedure that will make sure your visa is delivered on the same day, or within 24 hours. Applicants need to make a payment for this service as well.

Uganda e-Visa application for Guadeloupean citizens

Uganda e-Visa application for Guadeloupean citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee for Guadeloupean Citizens

In order for your visa to get approval, Guadeloupean citizens need to submit the Service Fee and Government Fee.

Travel insurance or COVID-19 is highly recommended. When a risk occurs during the trip, travelers will be paid and compensated by the insurance company as agreed in the contract.

At the moment, we accept payment through:

  • Online payment (Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, and American Express).
  • The bank of Cyprus (for direct deposit).