Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Georgian Citizens

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It's no wonder Winston Churchill dubbed this incredible country the "heart of Africa" with its thick, misty woods, snow-capped mountains, glassy lakes, and vast savannas.

Lake Mburo National Park is a unique location, filled with diversity, appeal, and beauty. It has a large expanse of wetlands and numerous species of animals and birds that are only seen in Uganda. Its sculpted terrain, with sloping hills and lovely lake coasts, features a diversity of habitats; forests, marshes, and grassland basins, all of which sustain a variety of animals.

Would you like to visit Uganda? Prepare your vacation to Uganda right away. You must first and foremost confirm that you are authorized to submit an application for a visa to enter Uganda. To check the Uganda visa requirements, click on that link. Traditionally, there are a series of processes and requirements involved in applying for a visa. However, using Uganda Immigration Services will make the process of applying for a visa for Georgians much easier and you will receive your visa faster than any other. We are available 24/7 for any assistance as well.

Lake Mburo National park, Uganda

Lake Mburo National park, Uganda

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Georgian Citizens

Georgian travelers REQUIRE a visa to visit Uganda. The visa is granted for Georgian citizens depending on the purposes of their trips, and the duration of their stay in Uganda. To visit Uganda, Uganda Immigration Services will list the 3 common types of Uganda e-visas for Georgian below in this section:

  • e-Tourist Visa - The most common tourist visa for all travelers. Georgian citizens can request this type of visa for tourism purposes in Uganda for 90 days, and enter the country once.
  • East Africa Visa - To travel to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda with a multiple-entry visa, this visa is accessible to all travelers. Georgian travelers enjoy 90 days with no entrance limitation to access the three countries.
  • Transit Visa - For Georgian travelers who just need to cross through Uganda once or only stay in Uganda for a short time before moving to another destination. You cannot request to extend this visa.

According to the regulations of the Government of Uganda, all travelers from Georgia can apply for an Uganda visa. However, there are specific Uganda e-Visa Requirements for Georgian Citizens:

  • A valid Georgia passport. The passport must be at least 6 months valid from the expiration date.
  • A photo on white background.
  • Ensure your passport has 02 pages for visa stamping.
  • A biographical page, recommends a clear copy of it.

If any:

  • Georgian travelers present a certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination before entering Uganda.
  • Hotel reservation and a flight ticket

Georgian travelers with an Uganda e-visa can gain entry into Uganda for the purposes of:

  • Having a family or relatives in Uganda.
  • Undertaking medical treatment in Uganda.
  • Enrolling in educational programs in Uganda.
  • Come to Uganda for a vacation/ tourist.

Uganda e-visa requirements for Georgian citizens

Uganda e-visa requirements for Georgian citizens

How To Apply For A Uganda e-Visa From Georgia

Georgian visitors should verify that they meet the requirements before applying for an Uganda visa. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to complete the application process, which is quite straightforward. Additionally, before receiving their visa, Georgian applicants are strongly advised not to book a flight to Uganda, according to our experts.

To apply for an Uganda e-visa for Georgian citizens, follow these steps:

  • The visa online form is available via this link.
  • Travelers, please select the appropriate visa for the trip to Uganda.
  • Applicants, please provide all the required information in the application form.
  • Complete the payment to submit your application

Processing Time Service

As a Georgian applicant, you may request to hasten the processing of your visa application as well with Rush Visa services. However, there is a service charge applied for the service you select, but the standard service is no extra charge.

  • Standard Service - The basic service you will receive when applying for an Uganda visa, is approximately 03 working days to deliver your visa.
  • Urgent Service - When selecting urgent service, your application will get approved within 48 hours. You need to pay a service charge.
  • Super-urgent Service - Similar to urgent service, however, you will receive your visa in a much faster manner. Your visa will be delivered within 24 working hours of submitting your application. A service charge must be paid in advance as well.

 Uganda e-visa for Georgian citizens

Uganda e-visa for Georgian citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Georgian Citizens

The Service Fee and Government Fee are REQUIRED when applying for an Uganda visa.

For those who often move, work or travel to discover new lands, and often worry about problems and risks during their trip, Travel insurance or COVID-19 is a great solution to help travelers have a safe journey, and may increase their chances of being accepted into Uganda.

For methods of payment, Georgian applicants should submit the payment on the:

  • Online method: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Paypal.
  • For direct deposit: the bank of Cyprus.

To provide the convenience and quality of our visa services, pick-up service and Uganda eSim are also included in the application services for Georgian travelers.