Uganda e-Visa Requirement For Costa Rican Citizens

Uganda Visa for Costa Rica: With extensive meadows, beautiful waterfalls, and Victoria Lake, Africa's largest and second-largest lake, Uganda offers a variety of thrilling activities.

Uganda's tourism industry is one of the country's most significant, and the Government is working hard to develop new legislation and regulations to maximize its benefits. Costa Rica is on the Uganda e-visa application's eligibility list, so it is an alternative to the Uganda electronic visa (e-visa).

Global Immigration Services Limited can assist Costa Rican citizens in obtaining an e-Visa for Uganda (electronic Visa).

Visitors to Uganda are required to fill out an electronic visa application. So, how do Costa Rican citizens apply for an Uganda e-Visa? This article will explain how to apply and requirements for an Uganda e-Visa.

Uganda Visa for Costa Rica

Check Uganda Visa Requirements For Costa Rican Citizens

Costa Rica country is not in the exempt country list for Uganda visa, so Uganda visa is REQUIRED

Uganda e-Visa Types For Costa Rican Citizens

Uganda e-visa for Costa Rican citizens - an entry permit enables you to enter Uganda for a particular purpose. The validity of a Uganda e visa is 03 months from the date of issuance. There are generally three types of Uganda e-visas:

  • Uganda tourist e-visa: is used to enter Uganda for the purpose of tourism and other associated activities. This form of e-visa allows you to stay in Uganda for up to 90 days from the day of your arrival with a single entry, and it can be extended.
  • Uganda transit e-visa: utilized for transit through Uganda or a brief journey of less than seven days because this type of e-visa allows you to stay in Uganda for only seven days from the date of your arrival and cannot be extended.
  • East Africa visa: This is a form of synthetic visa that lets you visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya simultaneously. Uganda is the initial destination on the trip, and you can enter 03 countries many times you wish. The overall length of your stay is 90 days in total.

To obtain a visa to Uganda from Costa Rica, travelers must have their passport, a business letter, proof of travel, a visa application form, a letter of invitation, and a passport photo.

Here is a list of what you need to provide:

    • An official Costa Rica passport valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Uganda, with at least 02 blank pages for verification markings
    • A photograph of yourself with a clear face against a white/plain background.
    • Copy of the passport’s biographical page.
    • Flying ticket (for an East Africa visa): to verify that your entry point is a port in Uganda.

    In addition, to increase the chance of obtaining the Uganda e-Visa, you should attach some additional documents such as the Yellow fever vaccine, hotel bookings, and a travel itinerary.

    If I Am From Costa Rica, Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Uganda?

    Costa Rica is one of the countries requiring a visa to enter Uganda. Costa Rican citizens need a Uganda visa to visit Uganda on vacation or for other short-term purposes.

    Things To Consider After Applying For An Uganda e-Visa From Costa Rica

    The Uganda e-Visa for Costa Rica application form should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. This form is very simple to understand, so it shouldn't take you long to complete it.

    Step 1: Select the visa type and processing time.

    Step 2: Fill in the blanks with all of your personal information. You need to provide such information as Full name, Birth date, Nationality, Passport number, Date of Arrival/Departure in Uganda.

    Step 3: Make an online payment for the e visa fee. You can pay your bill by 02 ways: electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal) or your Wire transfer (HSBC direct transaction).

    Step 4: Complete the application form and submit

    The visa application process is easy, isn't it? Contact us today to start your worry-free visa processing.

    Uganda e-Visa Fees & Services For Costa Rican Citizens

    Uganda e-Visa Fees & Services For Costa Rican Citizens

    To apply for e-visas to Uganda from Costa Rica, you have to pay two (02) types of Uganda e-Visa Fee, which are called the Service Fee and Government Fee.

    The service charge is adjustable based on which of the three service categories you choose from the list below:

    • Normal Uganda e-visa: If you choose this service, you will receive your e-visa in three business days.
    • Urgent Uganda e-visa: If you select this e-visa option, you can expect to receive an e-visa to Uganda within 48 hours.
    • Super urgent Uganda e-visa: which can be obtained in as little as 24 hours - the quickest type of Uganda e-visa.

    Things To Note After Applying For A e-Visa To Uganda From Costa Rica

    If you apply for this Uganda e-Visa, you have a Single-entry. This means that you are allowed to enter this country just once. Upon registering successfully, you will receive an email with the Uganda visa for Costa Rican citizens. Please print this email and bring it with you on your trip in case you need to present it to the Immigration Officers upon arrival.

    Obtaining a Visa for Uganda from Costa Rica has never been easier. There is no need to go to an embassy; you can apply at any time from home. A valid Uganda e-Visa is for 90 days after it is issued, so you should travel to Uganda during this period.