Uganda e-Visa For Caribbean Netherlands - Requirements And Fee

Camp Ndegeya is a one-of-a-kind facility that was established as part of the ongoing campaign to "convert Ndegeya" into the first Community for the Arts in East Africa. The campsite is situated on a magnificent hill in Ndegeya's most peaceful neighborhood. Camp Ndegeya is an ideal escape paradise for picnics, getaways, and away from city life. It is also beneficial for those interested in learning about the impact of artwork on the development of Ndegeya.

We also would like to add-on that a Ndegeya village trip on a bike is an unforgettable experience, and the campground provides a fair number of mountain bikes for visitors to rent. If you arrive on the weekends when the Weaver Bird Arts Foundation organizes its quarterly Art Camps, you may well be able to cycle with local bikers who come to participate in a cycling competition called Tour Weaver Bird.

If you plan to travel to Uganda and search for a unique art environment, or simply to appreciate art away from the city, Camp Ndegeya in Masaka is a must-see. So don’t waste any more time if Uganda is your next traveling destination. At Uganda Immigration Services, we offer a guide on how to apply for an Uganda visa as well as the requirements for Caribbean and Netherlands travelers.

Uganda visa for citizens of the Caribbean Netherlands

Uganda e-visa for Dutch Caribbean

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Dutch Caribbeans

Uganda is a nation in Africa with a population of around 32 million people. Before visiting Uganda, Dutch Caribbean citizens MUST get a visa. Fortunately, citizens of the Caribbean Netherlands are eligible to apply for an Uganda visa online which is more convenient than the regular visas at the embassy.

Dutch Caribbean travelers planning a trip to Uganda should be aware that the following prerequisites must be fulfilled to receive an approved Uganda visa. These include possessing a valid passport with six months remaining and two (02) unused stamping pages.

  • Furthermore, Dutch Caribbean individuals must acquire an approved Yellow Fever Immunization certificate.
  • A flight ticket confirmation is also required
  • Additionally, it’s recommended that Dutch Caribbean travelers prepare a copy of their passport’s biographical page and a personal photograph in color.
  • An email address to receive the Uganda electronic visa

Depending on the purpose of your trips to Uganda, and the duration of your stay, you should consider carefully when selecting an appropriate Uganda visa.

  • Transit Visa:
    • You only need this visa if Uganda is not your final destination. A Transit visa enables visitors to transit through Uganda and visits this country for up to 07 days. This is a single-entry visa and is valid for 03 months from the issued date.
  • e-Tourist Visa:
    • If you plan to stay in Uganda for longer, the tourist visa lets you stay in Uganda for 90 days from the arrival date. You can only enter Uganda once while holding this visa. This type of visa can be extended.
  • East Africa Visa:
    • However, if you have a thirst for a wild adventure in East Africa, this East Africa visa will grant you access to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. You also can move between 3 nations as many times as you like within 90 days.

Uganda visa requirements for Dutch Caribbean citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Dutch Caribbean citizens

Apply For Uganda e-Visa From Caribbean Netherlands

Following these steps to apply for an Uganda visa for Dutch Caribbean citizens:

  • Acquire a visa form through the website Uganda Immigration Services.
  • Provide necessary information. Applicants may attach additional documents if required.
  • Complete the payment for the visa fee.

Once you complete your application, you should double-check all the information to ensure your provided information is correct. Your contact email address must be correct because the Uganda e-visa is sent to this email. If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us for more assistance.

It typically takes a maximum of 03 working days to process your visa application. However, in case of an emergency, you can request to obtain an Uganda e-Visa faster with Rush visa services. Uganda Immigration Services currently provides customers with 03 options for the processing time of visa applications:

  • Normal Procedure
    • Your visa will be sent to your registered email within a couple of days, approximately 03 business days.
  • Fast Procedure
    • Your visa will be sent to your registered email in 48 hours.
  • Super Fast Procedure
    • Your visa will be sent to your registered email in less than 24 hours.

Uganda visa cost for Dutch Caribbean citizens

Uganda e-visa fee for Dutch Caribbean citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Dutch Caribbeans

Travelers of the Caribbean Netherlands must complete the payment for the Service Fee and the Government Fee to obtain an Uganda e-Visa.

Not a requirement but we strongly recommend Dutch Caribbean travelers acquire Travel insurance as this insurance will secure you against numerous financial risks associated with traveling, such as accidents, falling ill, flight cancellation, and so on.

To make a payment, you must select the following methods:

  • Online payment: American Express, Visa, Paypal, and Mastercard.
  • Direct deposit: We accept the Bank of Cyprus.

Last but not least, airport transfer service and Uganda eSim are included for Dutch Caribbean travelers at Uganda Immigration Services.