Uganda e-Visa Requirements For British Virgin Islands

Nabajjuzi Wetland, located just outside of Masaka on the route to Mbarara, provides good possibilities to see two of Uganda's most elusive animals: the shoebill stork and the sitatunga.

The wetland also provides fish, clay, papyrus, and other crafts supplies, as well as game meat. With the assistance of NatureUganda, the local people have launched ecotourism operations in Nabajjuzi Wetland, which is crucial for the preservation of endangered and critically endangered birds and other species.

A narrow section of swamps joins Masaka's outskirts to the main Katonga River system. It serves as breeding habitat for mudfish and lungfish. The area is situated in Buganda Kingdom's ancient Buddu county, and parts of the flora and animals are intimately tied with cultural norms and traditions, particularly totems.

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Uganda Visa Requirements for British Overseas Territories Citizens

Uganda Visa Requirements For British Virgin Islanders

Do Virgin Islanders need a visa to Uganda? Yes, the Uganda visa is REQUIRED for British Overseas Territories citizens. In this article, we will walk you through the whole registration process, from online submission, visa requirements, and visa services at one of our visa application services until your application has been approved. Before beginning the application process, Virgin Islanders have to obtain the following documents:

For passport:

  • Applicants must be in possession of a valid passport with at least 06 months remaining from the date of arrival in Uganda.
  • At least 02 unused pages in the passport for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
  • A copy of the biographical page of the applicant’s passport.

Furthermore, applicants must submit these information:

  • Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination
  • Information about your flight ticket (Arrival/ departure date)
  • Hotel reservation

In addition to the requirements, British Overseas Territories citizens can enter Uganda with an e-Visa for the following intentions:

  • You are undertaking medical treatment in Uganda.
  • For tourists, and vacations.
  • For visiting family, or relatives.
  • Transiting through Uganda

Uganda e-Visa Type for British Virgin Islanders

So you have learned about the Uganda visa requirements. In this section, we will explain different types of Uganda visas for Vrigin Islanders. There are three types of Uganda visas available at Uganda Immigration Services:

  • Transit e-Visa - If you are transiting through Uganda and do not exit the immigration checkpoint, you do not require a visa. However, in case you want to explore Uganda for a short period, the transit visa permits you to stay in the country for up to 07 days, single entry.
  • Tourist e-Visa - This visa gives you permission to explore Uganda for 90 days. Travelers may be fined if they overstay their visa duration in Uganda. It is a single entry visa, thus travelers can enter Uganda once with a tourist e-Visa.
  • East Africa e-Visa - The East Africa visa, on the other hand, works similarly to a tourist e-visa but grants your access to Rwanda, and Kenya additionally. You also have 90 days (3 months) to stay in the 3 nations and freely move without limitation.

Applying For An Uganda Visa For British Overseas Territories Citizens

Applying For Uganda e-Visa From British Virgin Islanders

Step 1:

Once you have prepared all the documents as mentioned above and selected an appropriate visa for your trip, your next step is to apply. Simply going to our website Uganda Immigration Services, you will be sent to the online page for registration.

Step 2:

Applicants need to read carefully and provide the exact information. This process cannot be undone once you submit the application.

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number

Step 3:

After applicants finish the online application, double-check for the last time before moving on to the final payment.

Step 4:

Once the payment has been through, applicants should allow the system to process. It generally takes 03 business days and the visa will be sent to the applicant's email address when it’s done.

If the applicant needs to request a Rush visa, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you in any matter. For urgent visa services, additional charges are applicable.

  • Standard Processing: the visa is completed in 03 business days. (no extra service fees).
  • Rush Processing: Visa is completed in 48 hours. (extra service fees included).
  • Super Rush Processing: Visa is completed in 24 hours. (extra service fees included).

Uganda Visa Fee For British Overseas Territories Citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For British Virgin Islanders

In order to qualify for an Uganda visa for British Overseas Territories Citizens, applicants are quired to submit the Service Fee and the Government Fee.

Travel insurance or COVID-19 insurance is strongly recommended as well. Covered circumstances can include conditions such as the insured person's covered significant illness or injury.

For payment, please choose the following methods:

  • Online payment - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.
  • Direct deposit - the Bank of Cyprus.

British Overseas Territories citizens will receive add-on services when applying for an e-Visa at Uganda Immigration Services. The add-on services are pick-up service and Uganda eSim.