Uganda e-Visa For Bouvet Island - Requirements And Fee

Beyond traveling to view mountain gorillas, Uganda has a lot more to offer. We're referring to spectacular animals, adventurous activities, trekking and waterfalls, cultural interactions, and so much more!

The Ugandan itself is the true attraction of any vacation to Uganda. The country's small size makes it ideal for traveling, and any place you go, you'll be welcomed with hugs, waves, and pure kindness. Ugandan culture today is derived from regional tribal kingdoms, as seen by traditional garb, handicrafts, and tribal dancing. One of our favorite cultural aspects in Uganda is spending time with the Karamojong people, a tribe of agro-pastoral herders whose traditional leaping dance is similar to that of neighboring Kenya's famed Maasai warriors.

To explore Uganda on a vacation, most overseas tourists must fill out a visa application form for a travel document, which may be conducted online using the e-visa system and obtained in the form of a single-entry electronic visa. Uganda Immigration Services proudly offers our exceptional services as well as our commitment, to guide our customers through the process and have their application approved as soon as possible.

Type of Uganda Visa For Bouvet Islanders

Uganda e-Visa Type For Bouvet Islander

Are you from Bouvet Island and plan to travel to Uganda? Are you wondering what the requirements are to apply for an Uganda visa? What type of visa would you get in order to travel to Uganda? Worry not, we will guide you through A to Z in this article. Our visa experts are available as well so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For visa types, Uganda currently offers three (3) accessible visas for Bouvet Islander citizens:

Transit Visa - This visa is only obtainable if travelers have to stop/ transit in Uganda while on their way to another country. This visa allows its holders to leave the airport and stay in Uganda for up to 07 days. It cannot be extended.

e-Tourist Visa - Holders of this visa are permitted to stay and explore Uganda for 90 days. You may enter Uganda once with this visa.

East Africa Visa - Holders of this visa are permitted to explore and move around freely in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. A maximum of 90 days of stay is permitted, and multiple entries are allowed.

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Bouvet Islanders

Applying for an Uganda visa for Bouvet Islanders is easier than you may expect, as the electronic visa has become more widely accepted in Uganda. You do not have to present yourself at the Embassy, and the whole process now takes place on our smart devices mostly, in 20 minutes.

Bouvet Island is not on the list of exemptions for Uganda visas, therefore, an Uganda visa is REQUIRED for Bouvet Islander citizens. The applicant needs to make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • A valid passport with at least 02 blank pages for visa stampings.
  • A minimum of 6 months validity (from the arrival date in Uganda) remaining on the passport
  • A clear passport-sized photo of the applicant with white background.

In addition, there are some documents may be required during the visa application process:

  • Yellow fever vaccine
  • Hotel reservation
  • Flight ticket

Applying For Uganda Visa For Bouvet Islanders

Applying For Uganda e-Visa From Bouvet Island

After assuring that Bouvet Islander citizens meet Uganda visa standards and choosing the relevant visa option, visitors should complete the relatively short online form, which should consume only a few minutes.

  • Applicants fill in their personal details in the form and ensure the following information are correct:
  • Full Name.
  • Gender.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • Complete the payment for the visa fee
  • Submit the application

It is absolutely vital to double-check all of the details entered, or else the visa procedure may be delayed. All Bouvet Island citizens must submit their current email addresses as part of the application procedure, from which they will get information and updates on the progress of their visa.

Following the examination of the application by the Immigration Department, the information on the visa's acceptance or rejection will be forwarded to the email address provided. It is not advisable to arrange your holiday before you have received the final visa acceptance confirmation.

Citizens of Bouvet Island can visit Uganda using an e-Visa for the purposes of:

  • For visiting friends, and family
  • For tourism.
  • For transit

The Cost To Apply For A Uganda Visa For Bouvet Islanders

Uganda e-Visa Fee 

When applying for an Uganda visa for Bouvet Islanders, you have to pay two (2) sorts of payment which are the Service Fee and the Government Fee.

We also provides processing time options when applying for an Uganda e-visa:

  • Regular Visa - This is the standard processing, your visa will arrive within 03 working days.
  • Urgent Visa - Go with this plan if you want to receive your visa within 48 hours, an additional fee of $79 is applied.
  • Super-urgent Visa - Your visa will arrive within a day (24 hours), an additional cost of $99 is applied.

The most common reason people do not get travel insurance is cost. We totally understand! If you've already spent a lot of money on a long-awaited trip or resort holiday, it's difficult to justify spending any more on insurance. Not to worry, we provide you with Travel insurance or COVID-19 insurance at a reasonable rate in case an unfortunate event occurs.

Our platform will support the following payment options:

  • Online payment: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or American Express
  • Direct deposit: the Bank of Cyprus.

At Uganda Immigration Services, our services adapt to your specific requirements. From start to finish, you will only contact one visa consultant who will handle the whole procedure. Besides, travelers from Bouvet Island will receive add-on services including in the process, including the pick-up service and Uganda eSim.