Uganda Visa For Bissau Guinean Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Uganda is a nation with several ethnic communities, each with its own set of traditional beliefs and practices. Visiting any of Uganda's tribes will offer you a taste of what it's like to be an African. It is believed that if you chose 2 Ugandans in a busy location, they would represent two distinct ethnic groups.

Uganda's nearly 40 distinct groups provide a variety of cultures. The central Sudanese, Nilotic, and Bantu people are the three different language groupings.

The list of tribes in Uganda is vast, but each tribe has something distinct about its uniqueness. Uganda Immigration Services specializes in providing consulting services and supporting entry and exit visa procedures for Bissau Guinean citizens and foreigners. With a team of experienced consultants, we always update the latest information and provide timely support to customers.

Uganda visa for Bissau Guinean citizens

Uganda e-visa for Bissau Guinean citizens

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Bissau Guinean Citizens

Before applying for a tourist visa to Uganda, you should know more about the type of visa that Uganda offers to tourists today. We will list below and explain the function of each type of Uganda visa for Bissau Guinean citizens.

  • Transit Visa - If you need to go through an Uganda border gate or stay in Uganda for a short time before traveling to another place. The visa will allow you to enter Uganda once and stay in Uganda for 7 days.
  • e-Tourist Visa - This type of ticket is issued to tourists to Uganda. You enter Uganda once and you are entitled to explore the kingdom of Uganda within 90 days from the day of your arrival.
  • East Africa Visa - If you are a fan of wild adventures, this visa is a perfect choice. You will have the freedom to travel between Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda as many times as you want in 90 days.

There are certain criteria that you must fulfill to be able to apply for an Uganda visa. It won't be too much or too complicated, but applicants should complete it in advance to avoid problems during the procedure.

  • The original passport should have 2 blank pages for visa seals.
  • Your passport should have about 6 monthsfrom the date of your arrival in Uganda.
  • Additional applicant’s photo, passport-sized.
  • A copy of the applicant’s biographical page.

Bissau Guinean Citizens are advised to attach some additional documents, such as the Yellow Fever vaccine certificate, hotel bookings, and a travel itinerary, to make obtaining an e-visa to Uganda easier.

Uganda visa requirements for Bissau Guinean citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Bissau Guinean citizens

Applying For An Uganda e-Visa For Bissau Guinean Citizens

The entire visa application will take place online. The steps to apply for a visa are not too difficult, applicants only need to spend about 30 minutes. You can apply for a visa at home without visiting the embassy or consulate.

Applicants then just need to go to the Uganda Immigration Services website to start applying for their visa, or faster, go to this direct link. The remaining steps are following simple:

  • Step 1: Select the appropriate visa type.
  • Step 2: Put in the information
  • Step 3: Proceed with the visa payment.
  • Step 4: Once the applicant confirms the payment, you will receive a notification, and your application will be processed.

If you have any questions about the “Processing Time” selection box, please continue to learn about our Rush Visa service below.

Rush Visa Services: Keep in mind that there is a service fee if you want your visa to get approved faster.

  • Standard Processing - It will take 03 working days to process your visa application.
  • Rush Processing - Rush processing will get your visa application done within 48 hours and deliver it to your contact email.
  • Super Rush Processing - Super Rush processing will get your visa finished within 24 hours and delivered to you on the same day.

Uganda visa application for Bissau Guinean citizens

Uganda visa application for Bissau Guinean citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fees For Bissau Guinean Citizens

Bissau Guinean travelers are REQUIRED to pay the Service Fee and Government Fee when applying for an Uganda visa.

To ensure the safety of a remote wilderness trip to the kingdom of Uganda, Bissau Guinean citizens should consider choosing Travel insurance or COVID-19 protection. This option can help you avoid expenses when problems arise during the trip.

Bissau Guinean applicants have 2 options to submit the payment:

  • Electronic payment: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and American Express.
  • Wire transfers: the bank of Cyprus (for direct deposit).

In order to support and improve our customer services, when applying for a visa for Uganda, we also provide 2 additional services: pick-up service and Uganda eSim for all Bissau Guinean travelers.