Uganda Visa For Beninese Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Mgahinga in Uganda is possibly the tiniest national park, about 34 square kilometers, yet it packs a significant influence. This park, together with the nearby Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Parc National des Virunga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the habitat of approximately 50% of the world's mountain gorilla species. Mgahinga also has some tough but satisfying excursions and a fascinating cave.

The major draw is gorilla trekking, but there's more to this place than gorillas. Elephants, buffaloes, and servals are rarely encountered, although they exist, and hundreds of bird types. The gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda is well worth every single penny because you will be sitting only a few steps away from a 450-pound silverback and his entire family. The universe comes to life and your perspective of the natural environment is forever influenced. Do you wish to travel to Uganda from Benin? Do you know how to obtain as well as learn the difference between an Uganda e-visa and an East Africa e-Visa? For tourist activities, an Uganda e visa for Beninese citizens may be applied and received quickly online with Uganda Immigration Services. You do not need to go to the embassy to obtain an electronic visa for Uganda and East Africa.

Uganda e-visa for Beninese citizens

Uganda e-Visa Types For Beninese Citizens

An Uganda e-visa for Beninese citizens is a compulsory traveling permit that authorizes you to access and stay in Uganda for a limited time. This application form is available for download online as well, and you may obtain a valid visa by using the superb services of Uganda Immigration Services.

You may learn more about the Uganda eVisa for Beninese citizens as well as different types of Uganda visas in the below section:

e-Tourist visa - A Tourist e-Visa is a single-entry visa that is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. With this type of visa, Beninese travelers can enter Uganda to explore the hidden gems of the country and have a 90-day stay there.

East Africa visa - An East Africa Visa is a 90-day visa that allows multiple entries into Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Transit visa - A Transit e-Visa is likewise a single-entry visa that allows Beninese nationals to transit through Uganda en route to other countries. This visa permits visitors from Benin to have a short trip to Uganda for up to 07 days. Additionally, you are not allowed to extend the transit visa.

How To Apply For An Uganda Visa Online From Benin

With Uganda Immigration Services, you may receive your approval document from the convenience of your own home. You only need to devote 30 minutes to complete the online application. You may reach out to our specialists at any moment if you have any questions.

Our professionals will review your application to ensure that there are no problems before you submit it. The processing time you choose will determine when you receive your paper.

  1. Start applying for an Uganda e-Visa through the Uganda Immigration Services portal, you will receive an online form. In this step, you need to provide your personal data and passport details as much as necessary and make sure they are all correct.
  2. Double-check all the information provided in step 1. After that, pay a visa fee online and check your email for the electronic receipt. The process will just take you a few minutes to complete the online application and make the payment. The rest is handled by our e-visa professionals. Plan your trip to Uganda and allow time for your traveling permit to arrive in your inbox
  3. Wait for your approved e-Visa to Uganda to come to your email address within 03 business days.

If you have any questions about how to apply online, please contact our assistants through email or phone on the Uganda Immigration Services website.

Uganda visa requirements for Beninese citizens

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Beninese Citizens

To be issued an e-Visa, Beninese tourists must complete the online Uganda visa criteria. The Uganda e-Visa is available to nationals of all non-visa-exempt countries. That means a visa is REQUIRED for Beninese visitors.

When applying for an e-visa to Uganda, Beninese citizens must submit necessary information in an application form and include the following documentation:

  • Beninese citizens should have a valid passport that will not expire within 6 months of their scheduled date of entry into Uganda.
  • At least 02 unused pages in the passport for visa stamping purposes.
  • A scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page
  • You should also acquire an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) to confirm that you have yellow fever immunization.
  • A recent photograph of the applicant.
  • Accommodation booking & Flight ticket (If any)

The e-Visa for Benin should be printed (if required) and presented at the Uganda Immigration checkpoint.

If you are ever in need of a visa urgently, our experts at Uganda Immigration Services are always available to assist you in this matter. The service options will have an impact on how quickly you will receive your Uganda e-visa.

  • Standard Processing Visa - Visa application is processed within 03 business days.
  • Urgent Processing Visa - Visa is issued within 48 hours with an additional service charge.
  • Super-urgent Processing Visa - Visa is issued within 24 hours with an additional service charge.

Obtaining a visa for Uganda from Benin

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Beninese Citizens

To request an Uganda e visa for Beninese citizens, you must pay two (2) types of Visa fees: the Service Fee and the Government Fee. You may also be required to pay a separate fee for Travel insurance to protect your benefits when going overseas. Payment can be made via:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express.
  • The Bank of Cyprus (for direct deposit)

Our objective at Uganda Immigration Services is to deliver excellent customer service while accomplishing objectives accurately and thoroughly. Moreover, we present our add-on services which are pick-up service and Uganda eSim for all Beninese travelers who use our services.