Uganda Visa For Azerbaijan Citizens - Requirements & Fees

The Ssese Islands, a series of roughly 84 isles scattered along the northwestern coast of Lake Victoria, are a popular tourist destination in Uganda.

Relax in a magnificent environment, witness chimps, explore white-sand beaches, experience horse riding or windsurfing, mingle with the Bantu local folks, and learn one or two things about their culture.

Are you searching for a visa application to Uganda? Looking for a reputable Uganda e-visa for Azerbaijani citizens' service? Or do you want to contact the Ugandan Embassy but are unable to? Come to us, Uganda Immigration Services will help you with the application for the Uganda e-visa. Our service ensures fast and safe procedures with reasonable service costs.

Uganda e Visa for Azerbaijani Citizens

Uganda e-Visa Types For Azerbaijani Citizens

Depending on the purpose of your entry into Uganda, visa applications will be divided into different categories. Therefore, before preparing the procedure to apply for a visa to Uganda, you need to choose the right type of visa for the purpose of your trip. Determining the purpose of entering Uganda is very important for your travel, visiting relatives, and business, so immediately register with Uganda Immigration Services to apply for an Uganda e-visa for Azerbaijani Citizens successfully.

Types of Uganda e-Visas

  • e-Tourist Visa
    • Tourist visas enable the holders to visit Uganda for tourism objectives and remain for no more than 90 days. This single-entry visa does not allow the holder to work or conduct business in the host nation.
  • East Africa Visa
    • Similar to the e-Tourist visa above, however, this visa does not bind their exploration within Uganda but extends to Rwanda and Kenya with no restrictions. Azerbaijani nationals are free to travel among all 3 mentioned regions for 90 days, with Uganda being the first destination on their journey.
  • Transit Visa
    • With a transit visa, Azerbaijani travelers are allowed to pass through Uganda while en route to another destination, but not to stay there for too long. In Uganda, the transit visa allows a 7-day stay with a single entry only.

Please note carefully the acceptable reasons for Azerbaijani visitors' entry into Uganda:

  • You come to travel and explore the land of Uganda.
  • You have an invitation to visit friends or family members in Uganda.
  • You are undertaking medical treatment in Uganda.

Uganda Visa Requirements For Azerbaijani Citizens

Azerbaijan travelers must obtain a visa to enter Uganda because they are not one of the visa-free nations. Visitors can choose a Uganda e-visa based on the duration of their stay, the goal of their travel, and the number of entries. Because it is simple and quick to get, the electronic visa, or e-visa, has a tremendous popularity advantage over the regular visa.

Visitors from Azerbaijan who want to explore Uganda can request an e-visa from the comfort of their own home providing that they fulfill all of the Uganda e-Visa criteria. Applicants must guarantee that their documents satisfy particular conditions in order to acquire an Uganda visa without problems.

  • The visa owner must be a citizen of an eligible nation.
  • A passport with no longer than 06 months validity from the date of planned entrance to Uganda. If the applicant's term ends in under six months, they should obtain a new one before completing the visa application procedure.
  • Applicants need to ensure their passport has sufficient blank pages for visa stamping, preferably 02 pages.
  • A scan of the biographical page of the applicant’s passport.
  • A passport-sized photo of the applicant that was recently taken.
  • The applicant may need to provide information about their flight (If any).
  • Certificate of immunization against yellow fever. (If any)
  • Hotel reservation in Uganda. (If any)

Uganda visa requirements for Azerbaijani Citizens

Applying For An Uganda Visa Online From Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijani citizens looking for an e-visa to Uganda can begin by completing an online form. Applicants must meet the requirements of their chosen visa category. Choose the Uganda e-visa for Azerbaijani citizens that corresponds to the duration of your stay and the goal of your trip. It’s crucial that Azerbaijani visitors must not breach the visa's travel conditions once it has been accepted. To submit the application form, travelers must enter certain information.

  • 1. Personal information such as exact name, birthdate, nationality, place of birth, and gender. Passport details such as passport number.
  • 2. Applicants must verify all given information and cross-reference it with info from their passports. Any error or inconsistency may result in visa delays or refusal.
  • 3. Once you have completed the above steps, you will be charged a specific amount as a visa payment in order to process.
  • 4. When you complete filling out the form with the necessary information and paying the visa fee, you can submit your application for review.

NOTE: Generally, it may take some time for Immigration authorities to verify the information that you've provided, verifying the given data is no easy task, such as financial information or data obtained from overseas sources. So does that mean you have to wait for as long as it requires?

The answer is not quite. When you apply for an Uganda e-visa via Uganda Immigration Services, and If you are comfortable enough, you can request the Rush Visa service. It is separate from the registration fees.

  • Normal Visa Processing - The immigration authorities will verify and send the visa approval to you in 03 business days.
  • Urgent Visa Processing - For this option, you can request to receive the visa approval within 48 hours for an additional charge.
  • Super-urgent Visa Processing - For this option, you can request to receive the approval even faster, within 24 hours for an additional charge.

Important note: In most circumstances. Once we begin processing your request, we will not be able to return your application costs.

 Uganda eVisa Application for Azerbaijani Citizens Form Explanation

Uganda e-Visa Fee for Azerbaijani Citizens

Uganda now requires Azerbaijani visitors to carry travel insurance when visiting the country. Traveling beyond one's native nation is dangerous, especially when healthcare expenditures have risen significantly as a result of the Covid19 epidemic. Aside from travel insurance, Azerbaijani citizens are required to pay two (2) visa fees, the Service Fee and the Government Fee.

You pick 1 among the following 2 payment methods:

  • Online payment: Mastercard, Visa cards, American Express, and Paypal.
  • Direct deposit: to the Bank of Cyprus.

Our goal is to serve our clients with high-quality services and achieve results quickly and satisfactorily. But that’s not all, we also include add-on services for every Azerbaijani visitor applying through our services, are pick-up service, and Uganda eSim.