Uganda Visa For Ascension Island - Requirements & Fees

Mt Elgon National Park, which extends across the sides of a gigantic ancient volcano, is a great area to see a variety of species, including the uncommon bird-like Jackson's spurfowl, Moorland chat, and Pogonocichla. Larger species, like the leopards, buffaloes, and elephants, are considerably more difficult to detect, but most people come for the trekking and stunning sceneries, which include mountains, tunnels, valleys, and waterfalls.

Mt Elgon features five prominent peaks, the tallest of which is Wagagai (4321m) on the Uganda side. It is the second-highest peak in Uganda (following Mt Stanley at 5109m) and the 8th in Africa. However, it was the continent's highest millennia ago, and spectacular views from the hilltop still extend beyond eastern Uganda's vast plains.

This is just one short description of many magnificent sceneries in Uganda, Africa. Are you from Ascension Island and planning to visit Uganda anytime soon? Are you wondering what the visa requirement is as well as the visa cost? Uganda Immigration Services will always be here to help you with the paperwork. To find out more about our services as well as the cost, please proceed further in this article

Uganda eVisa for Ascension Island:

03 Types of Uganda e-Visa From Ascension Island 

The Uganda e-visa (electronic visa) is a type of visa that Ascension Island citizens may apply for online. The Uganda e visa for Ascension Island citizens can also be obtained through the Uganda Embassy as well. To acquire an Uganda e visa for Ascension Island citizens, you must fill out a visa application form.

Uganda e-visa holders are permitted for either single or multiple entries. Depending on the purposes of your trip, you may be allowed to remain in Uganda for up to 90 days (3 months). There are 3 different types of Uganda e visas for Ascension Island citizens:

Uganda Transit Visa - This visa permits a 07 day with a single entry into Uganda. This visa is only accessible if your flight has to stop in Uganda while it’s on the way to another destination.

Uganda e-Tourist Visa - The holder of this visa is permitted to explore Uganda for up to 90 days (3 months) with a single entry as well. This visa is intended for tourists only, thus, working purposes are forbidden.

Uganda East Africa Visa - The holder of this visa is permitted to explore Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya simultaneously. This is a multiple entry visa, allowing Ascension Island travelers to stay in the country for up to 90 days and enter three countries as many times as they prefer.

Important: Ascension Island travelers in Uganda should not overstay their visa duration; otherwise, you will face legal consequences. For further details about visas, you may also contact Uganda Embassy or call us at Uganda Immigration Services, our visa experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Uganda visa requirements for Ascension Island citizens

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Ascension Island Citizens

In this section, we will go through the list of visa requirements when applying online for an Uganda e visa for Ascension Island citizens.

First of all, Ascension Island unfortunately is not on the excluded country list for Uganda visas. Thus, an Uganda visa is REQUIRED for every Ascension Island citizen.

Ascension Island citizens must acquire the following documents to apply for an Uganda visa:

  • A valid passport
    • Your passport must contain at least 6 months validate, and leave 2 unused pages for visa stampings.
  • A passport-size photo. (It is recommended that the photo is recently taken.)
  • A copy of your bio-data page in your passport, which shows your name, date of birth, passport number, etc.
  • A proof/ a certified copy of Yellow Fever Vaccination.
  • Your contact address in Uganda or places you will stay for the duration.
  • Information about your flight tickets to Uganda (Arrival/ departure date)

The following purposes are acceptable when applying for an Uganda e visa for Ascension Island citizens:

  • You pay a visit to your family/ relatives living in Uganda.
  • You visit Uganda for tourism.
  • You are taking medical treatment in Uganda.

Applying For An Uganda e-Visa From Ascension Island

Uganda is a diversified and attractive country, earning it the title "Pearl of Africa." It boasts majestically high mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful woodlands, immense lakes, wide grasslands, and remarkable streams. So don’t waste any more time and learn how to apply for an Uganda e visa for Ascension Island citizens.

  • I. You should ensure that all required documents are prepared for the visa application process.
  • II. Proceed to choose an appropriate visa type for your trip. (Transit visa, e-Tourist visa, and East Africa visa.)
  • III. Carefully read the information requirements and provide complete information, ensuring that the information provided is accurate. Once you finish filling out the information, you need to pay for a visa fee online. The fees vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the processing time for your visa application.
  • IV. Next will be the submission step, and you are done.

It is worth noting that the Uganda visa processing procedure might take time. If you ever want your visa quickly, Uganda Immigration Services can help. Nevertheless, there will be an extra cost for this service. The cost is also determined by how quickly you need your visa.

Solution 1:

Standard Processing - You will receive your approved visa in 03 working days.

Solution 2:

Urgent Processing - Within 48 hours, your approved visa will arrive. You will be required to pay an additional fee in advance to receive your visa within 48 hours.

Solution 3:

Super Urgent Processing - In 24 hours, you will get your approved visa. Same as the above, you will be required to pay an additional fee in advance to receive your visa within 24 hours.

Apply for an Uganda e-visa from Ascension Island

Uganda e-Visa Service Costs

For all travelers from Ascension Island, keep in mind that the Service Fee and the Government Fee are REQUIRED when applying for an Uganda e-visa.

For your safety when traveling to Uganda, COVID-19 insurance gives various forms of help in the event of a problem during your vacation. As long as your insurance coverage is active, we are committed to assisting you in times of need. Our support might help you request your claims appropriately.

For payment, our system currently accepts 2 methods of payment as follows:

  • Direct deposit: Transaction directly to the Bank of Cyprus
  • Online payment: We accept Visa cards, Mastercards, Paypal, and American Express.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns. Furthermore, every Ascension Island traveler who chooses our services via Uganda Immigration Services will enjoy our additional add-on services, which include pick-up service and Uganda eSim.

Government Update

Last Update: 08/2023

Ascension Island citizens are not eligible for a Uganda e-Visa. Therefore, Ascension Island passport holders must visit the nearest Uganda Embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.