Uganda Visa Requirements For Antarctic residents - Fees and Types

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If you’re an Antarctican and looking for an amazing trip to the kingdom of Uganda. Uganda Immigration Services gladly assists you through the process of visa application from A to Z, fulfilling all the requirements. So what are you waiting for? Leave the painful paperwork for us and get ready for an adventure.

Uganda eVisa for Antarctica citizens

Uganda e visa for Antarctica citizens

Uganda E Visa for Antarctica Residents

Keep in mind: Your vacation may demand pre-planning and authorization from another government. Therefore, we suggest you not book any tickets, or accommodation before you acquire your approval or a permit. You should also examine carefully the visa requirements for your destination as well!

  • Transit visa (single-entry): This is given to Antarctican travelers entering Uganda's border before they can move to another country/ destination. Please remember that this visa allows up to 07 days in Uganda, and is not able to be extended.
  • e-Tourist visa (single-entry): If you travel to Uganda for the intention of pleasure, sightseeing, or personal enrichment. In Uganda, tourists are not entitled to work or do business. A tourist must hold a tourist visa to remain in Uganda for 90 days while undertaking their own adventures and expeditions throughout the kingdom of Uganda. Every tourist from Antarctica must get an Uganda tourist visa.
  • East Africa visa (multiple-entry): Similar to a tourist visa, however, the East Africa visa grants Antarctica residents more freedom to move between Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. And you can stay in these countries for 3 months (90 days) while holding this type of visa.

Types of Uganda visa for Antarctica residents

Types of Uganda visa for Antarctica residents

Gather The Required Documents For An Uganda Visa Application

Antarctica is not on the list of countries excluded from Uganda visa requirements, which is why an Uganda visa is REQUIRED. The papers required while requesting an Uganda visa are determined by the purpose of your trip. All applicants, however, must include:

  1. 1. Passport: At least 6 months validity remaining from the intended date of arrival in Uganda with 02 blank pages for visa stampings.
  2. 2. You are required to prepare 2 copies of each following:
  • A biographical copy (It’s usually the first page on the passport that contains personal information).
  • A clear photo of yourself. A recent photo is preferred.

In addition, Antarctican applicants need to provide some additional documents so that their visa application will be approved easier.

  • An official Yellow Fever Vaccination certification.
  • You may need to provide the information about your flight ticket as well.
  • Accommodation information in Uganda

For applying for an Uganda visa step-by-step instructions, please see below:

  1. Antarctica residents please choose carefully the visa type (Transit visa, East Africa visa, Tourist visa) and the processing time of visa application.
  2. Provide relevant information according to the application form.
    • a. Name of the applicant.
    • b. Date of birth.
    • c. Gender
    • d. Nationality
    • e. Passport number.
    • f. Date of arrival/ departure from Uganda.

Completing the payment will be the last step before you can submit your visa application (Uganda visa fees vary based on a number of aspects, one of which is the visa type and the processing time).

The final step is to wait for the approval of your visa application. Nevertheless, you can anticipate waiting for 01 to 03 working days for your Uganda visa to be issued, beginning when the authority receives your entire application. 

Note: To satisfy our clients, Uganda Immigration Services offers extra options for you to choose from if you need your visa application to be done quickly. The options are:

  • The basic Uganda visa - This is the common visa application procedure when you apply for an Uganda visa. Generally, you will receive your visa approval in 03 business days.
  • The Urgent Uganda visa - Pick this option if you need your visa faster, less than 48 hours. There is an extra cost for this service.
  • The Super-urgent Uganda visa - If you need your visa immediately or within a day, go for this option. You will be granted a visa within 24 hours. There is an extra cost for this service.

Uganda visa requirement for Antarctic residents

Uganda visa requirement for Antarctic residents

Uganda Visa Fee For Antarctica Residents

Travelers from Antarctica also must pay 02 types of fees, which are specified as the Service Fee and the Government Fee .

The Government fee is mandatory for Antarctica applicants because their country of origin is not on the visa exemption list of Uganda.

The Service fee is determined by the type of visa and the processing time that Antarctica residents selected.

Last but not least, we strongly advise you to acquire COVID-19 insurance in order to maximize the probability of your visa application being granted. Please review the information below for visa payment:

  • Payment 1: You can pay with Visa cards, Mastercards, American Express, or Paypal.
  • Payment 2: For wire transfers, our system accepts the Bank of Cyprus.

A friendly reminder to all travelers from Antarctica, when you apply for an Uganda visa via our Uganda Immigration Services, we will assist you with 2 add-on services that are pick-up service and Uganda eSim.