Uganda Visa For Albanian Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Uganda visa for Albanian citizens: The 50m wide Victoria Nile, once recognized as among the most remarkable sights to happen to the Nile over its 6700 kilometers length, is squeezed in via a 6m passageway in the rock and falls down this tight canyon with incredible strength. Murchison was considered even stronger back then, but catastrophic floods in 1962 blocked a second channel, resulting in the narrower Uhuru Falls 200m to the north.

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If you are an Albanian and you want to experience as well as explore the mysterious land of Uganda, but you have no clue about the process and requirements of how to apply for an e-visa. With Uganda Immigration Services, our services offer guidance for all Albanians to apply for an Uganda e-visa as well as visa fees.

 Uganda Visa For Albanian Nationals

Uganda e-visa from Albania

Uganda e-Visa Types For Albanian Citizens

The Uganda electronic visa is valid for 03 months from the issued date. The duration of stay varies depending on the purposes of your trip.

  • Transit Visa
    The transit visa permits a single entry for Albanians to transit through Uganda and remain there for up to 7 days. If you have a direct flight from Uganda to another location and have a lengthy stopover, this is an excellent alternative.

  • East Africa Visa
    Do you wish to make your African trip even more memorable?
    The East Africa Visa is ideal for Albanian travelers looking to expand their horizons. You will have access not just to Uganda, but also to Rwanda and Kenya numerous times during your 90-day stay.

  • Tourist Visa
    Another option for Albanian visitors to explore Uganda is the tourist visa. This visa permits Albanians to stay for up to 90 days from the arrival date and authorizes just one single-entry into Uganda. This sort of visa does not permit business or study purposes.

Uganda e-Visa Requirements For Albanian Citizens

So what are you waiting for? Don't waste time waiting for your visa to be processed at the immigration office. Obtain your Uganda e-visa today and you'll be able to travel from Albania to Uganda as well as return with ease!

To register, you also need to have the supporting documents ready in hand:

  • You need a passport with 6 months of validity remaining from the intended arrival date in Uganda. Your passport also needs to have 02 blank pages for stamping.

  • You need a copy of the biographical page on your passport.

  • You need a recently taken photo of yours.

However, that’s not all. To make the process of application more efficient, we suggest you prepare the following documents as well.

  • A Yellow fever vaccine certificate.

  • Accommodation booking information

  • And lastly, your flight ticket information.

Uganda e Visa types for Albanian citizens

Uganda e Visa types for Albanian citizens

How Do Albanian Citizens Apply For An Uganda e-Visa From Albani

Generally, every Albanian citizen will have to go through 4 specific steps to apply for an Uganda e-visa.

Step 1:You need to consider carefully which type of visa is best for your purpose in Uganda (work, travel, study.). Also in this step, your personal information needs to be provided when applying online, such as your name, your D.O.B, gender, your passport No., and the duration of your stay in Uganda

Step 2: Review all the data provided in the application form before paying for the visa fee online.

Step 3: The process of your application may take some time to approve. However, at Uganda Immigration Services, we offer an additional service to help you obtain the visa faster.

Step 4: Lastly, submit your application online for processing. When you receive your visa, you should download and print a copy of it. Upon arrival, the Immigration Officer may ask you to present your valid visa along with your passport.

Albanian Citizens Can Visit Uganda With e-Visa For The Purposes Of:

  • For study

  • For business, work

  • For tourist

  • For Healthcare

  • For family matters

A friendly reminder is that the process of application generally takes 24 hours up to 03 business days from the time you submit your visa form to Uganda Immigration Services.

Uganda visa requirements for Albanian citizens

Uganda visa requirements for Albanian citizens

Uganda e-Visa Fee For Albanian Citizens

Unfortunately, Albania is not on the list of excluded countries for Uganda visas, hence an Uganda visa is REQUIRED.
It is obligated that you must complete the required payment before your application is accepted. There are 2 types of Uganda e-visa fees: the Service Fee and the Government Fee.

Our Rush Visa service provides the following 03 options:

  • Normal service: grant you a visa in 03 business days.

  • Urgent service: Grant you a visa within 48 hours.

  • Super-urgent service: Grant you a visa within 24 hours.

Take into account that the Uganda e-visa fee may vary depending on your visa type and the time it takes to approve. It is also highly recommended that every Albanian citizen purchase travel insurance for their own benefit.
At Uganda Immigration Services, our goal is to deliver excellent service and satisfy our clients in general and tourists from Albania in particular. For payment methods, please see below:

  • Online (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal)

  • For direct deposit (the Bank of Cyprus).

Besides, Uganda Immigration Services supports 2 other types of add-on services for all Albanian travelers: Pick-up service and Uganda eSim.