What documents do I need for a Uganda visa?

A traveler from Bahrain must apply for an electronic visa before entering Uganda; the form is accessible on the Uganda Immigration Services website. Residents of Bahrain will receive the Uganda ETA through email within 3 business days after submitting the application form. To ensure a simple and speedy process, Bahraini visitors must first review the e-visa requirements before applying.

Bahraini nationals must fill out an online form at the Uganda Immigration Service to apply for an ETA to Uganda. Citizens of Bahrain must first prepare the following documents to meet Uganda e-visa requirements:

  • A passport that will still be valid six months after the arrival date in Uganda
  • The passport must have at least two blank sheets available to stamp.
  • A regular email address – This email address will get all alerts and updates regarding visas.
  • A Digital image must be in color and show the forehead and entire face. Any additional accessories won't be accepted.
  • Flight ticket for any Bahraini nationals applying for an East Africa and transit e-visa.

In some circumstances, Bahraini citizens may also need to provide other supporting documentation in order to obtain a Uganda e-visa, such as a certificate of yellow fever immunization, hotel reservations, and a travel itinerary.


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