What documents do I need for a Uganda visa?

Before traveling to Uganda, a visitor from Bangladesh must apply for an electronic visa; the form is available on the Uganda Immigration Services website. After applying the application form, the Uganda ETA will be sent to Bangladeshi residents through email within 3 business days. But first, Bangladeshi travelers must study the e-visa requirements before applying in order to have a smooth and quick process.

To apply for a Uganda e-visa online, Bangladeshi citizens must complete an online form at the Uganda Immigration Service. The following documents must be obtained in advance by Bangladeshi citizens:

  • A passport that is still valid for 6 months after the date of arrival in Uganda.
  • A minimum of two blank pages must be present for the immigration officer to stamp.
  • A regularly used email address - This email address will get all visa alerts and updates.
  • A digital photo in any format - The photo must be in color which shows the entire face and forehead. Any accessories will not be accepted.
  • Flight ticket for any travelers who apply for transit e-visa and East Africa e-visa.

In some situations, you should also provide other paperwork to make getting a Uganda e-visa easier, like proof of vaccination against yellow fever, hotel reservations, and a travel itinerary.

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