Does Uganda have an embassy in Bahrain?

Uganda is one of the countries that is blessed with many wonderful sceneries. This has become the top tourist destination for people around the world to come here to visit. Unfortunately, there are no Uganda Embassies or Consulates in Bahrain. If Bahraini citizens want to obtain a visa, they must go to the nearest country which has Uganda Embassies. Luckily, the Uganda Immigration Department has introduced the e-visa online system for more than 200 countries. Bahrain is one of the countries that is eligible to apply for an e-visa online.

Thanks to the digital platform, Bahraini travelers can use any electronic devices to applly for an e-visa at home without going to the Uganda Embassy or Consulate. Waiting in a long queue for a face to face interview wastes a lot of time and money. Instead of waiting, Bahrain citizens can now visit Uganda Immigration Services website for requesting an e-visa.

The step to obtain an e-visa is very easy, read more on the processing stage to know how to get an e-visa in an easy way. After you apply, the e-visa result will be emailed to you and remember to print it out and bring along with you during the trip in Uganda.

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