Do Pakistanis Need Visas To Uganda?

Yes. The Ugandan government does not establish a visa-free policy for Pakistani citizens, so you are required to apply for a visa before going to Uganda, for tourism, or even for business trips.

Fortunately, getting a visa to Uganda isn't as complicated as you might think. Since 2016, the Ugandan Government started to issue e-visas to many countries, including Pakistan. The electronic visa application is done entirely online. Citizens from Pakistan can apply for a visa without having to go directly to the Ugandan Embassy or the consulate. The entire procedure can be completed on any smart device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer connected to the Internet.

For more information and visa requirements, you can also see Uganda visa check requirements, and select your origin country to find out the required documents. For any difficulties, you can contact us directly with our service at Uganda Immigration Services.

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