Do Bangladeshi need a visa for Uganda?

Yes. Because Bangladesh is not included on the list of countries free from Uganda visa requirements, Bangladeshi nationals must obtain a visa before traveling there. An official permit for a short trip to Uganda is known as the Uganda ETA. This kind of electronic travel authorisation is given out and is good for six months after the date of issuance. This ETA allows holders of Bangladesh passports to travel to Uganda for transit or tourism.

Bangladeshi nationals can now apply for a Uganda visa online, saving time and money compared to going to an embassy. There are three different types of Uganda ETAs available: transit and tourist. The applicants only need a few minutes to finish the straightforward visa application process.

Bangladeshi citizens wishing to apply for Uganda ETA must make sure to have enough extra paperworks. During the procedure, a valid passport, an email address and a digital photo must be provided. Bangladesh will receive the ETA by email address once it has been issued. They must show their passport to the immigration official at the port of entry when they arrive in order to get the required clearance. It is advised for Bangladeshi citizens to travel with a copy of their ETA approval.

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