Do Bahrain citizens need a visa to Uganda?

Yes. Bahrain passport holders require a visa in order to enter Uganda legally. The Uganda government does not remove the UK from its list of countries that do not require visas as a result.

Thankfully, the e-visa online system makes it simpler and faster for Bahrain passport holders to get a visa for Uganda. Bahrain citizens must apply for an e-visa online, wait for 24 to 72 business hours while their visa is considered, and then check their email to receive their Uganda e-visa.

Bahraini citizens can apply for an appropriate visa in accordance with the purpose of their trip to Uganda and the expected duration of their stay. If granted, the visa is valid for 90 days after the date of entry. Bahraini citizens should think about visiting Uganda while their visa is still valid.

The ease with which Bahraini citizens can apply for an Uganda e-visa online from anywhere at any time is too convenient. Just under 20 minutes to finish the online application and pay the cost for the visa. When they arrive, Bahraini citizens must submit their passport and a valid visa to the immigration officer in order to enter Uganda and take advantage of the country's attractions.

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