Can I apply for a Uganda visa online?

Yes. One of the most distinctive and fascinating tourist locations in the world, Uganda draws many visitors from Bahrain each year. When the number of Bahrain tourists visiting Kenya rises in 2021, the Bahrain market will play a critical role in the recovery of Uganda's tourism industry.

Holders of Bahrain passports require a visa to enter Uganda. Prior until now, visitors from Bahrain had to apply for a standard visa at an embassy or consulate. Since the Uganda government introduced electronic visas in 2016, visiting Uganda is easier and quicker than before. Bahrain nationals can enter the nation with an electronic visa for a variety of reasons, including tourism and transit.

To apply for an e-visa online, Bahrain can visit Uganda Immigration Services website for having one by the following steps:

Step 1: Complete the form with personal and passport details. In this step you must check if your information you fill is correct in order to avoid application rejection or denial.

Step 2: Determine which payment method you will choose and then make payment for the e-visa fee.

Step 3: Check your email box frequently to update newest information and receive e-visa results. Please note that travelers must have a duplicate of their e-visa to get stamped at the airport.

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