How long does it take to process an Uganda visa?

Besides a traditional visa, Egyptian citizens can acquire a visa for Uganda within three business days of filing their application. Egyptians can save time and money by applying for a visa online. The Ugandan Government launched the ETA in 2016 to make obtaining a visa for Uganda easier.

Egyptian applicants may apply for a Uganda visa from any place using a mobile tablet, or smartphone that is linked to the Internet. The whole application procedure at Uganda Immigration Services is conducted online, from filling out the application form and paying the visa fee to supplying supporting papers.

Uganda Immigration Services provides three options for visa processing times. Depending on their demands and finances, Egyptian tourists can choose from the following options:

  • Normal: With a waiting period of 03 business days, this service does not charge an extra fee. Egyptian travelers may use this option if they have enough time to prepare their documents.
  • Urgent: Egyptian applicants who choose this option will receive their Uganda ETA in a maximum of 48 business hours.
  • Super Urgent: Egyptian applicants who select the Rush visa option can anticipate receiving their results in around 24 business hours.



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