How Long Does It Take For Uganda Visa To Be Approved?

The online visa procedure for Uganda is quick and straightforward to complete. Swiss citizens can fill out an application form on Uganda Immigration Service website. For Swiss citizens, the following entries are required: full name, day of birth, nationality, and passport number. After the visa application is submitted, it may take up to three business days to be processed. After acceptance, the Uganda ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) will be sent via email to the applicant.

The online Uganda e-visa request procedure takes around 15–20 minutes to finish. When applying for a Uganda visa online, Swiss people have three options for processing times:

  • Standard service : Using this sort of service, Swiss applicants can get a visa to Uganda in three business days.
  • Urgent service : The 48-hour processing time for visa applications is guaranteed by this service.
  • Super-Urgent service : Using this service, Swiss citizens can get a Uganda e-visa within 24 hours. It will be helpful if they require a visa right away.



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