How Do Germans Pay For Uganda e-Visa?

Travelers from Germany are required to pay Ugandan government fees and service fees. The complete payment process takes place on a protected website. German citizens can choose between:

  • Electronic payments (Credit/ Debit Card, Visa, American Express, or Paypal).
  • Direct¬†deposit, we only accept the Bank of Cyprus¬†as the payment option.

The government fee is a condition for the Uganda Government to process applications from German applicants. This depends on the type of visa German travelers wish to apply for. The visa service charges vary depending on the service chosen by travelers from Germany. The higher fee is applied if you choose urgent or super-urgent service. The sooner you get your visa, the more it costs for the applicants.

If a German applicant wants to cancel the e-Visa and wants a refund, or chooses not to receive a visa, all refund inquiries must be submitted within 4 hours of the order being completed. Visa service orders are non-refundable after this point. Please send all required documents within 03 days. Otherwise, your refund request will be denied. Due to bank requirements, the refund process can take 2-4 weeks.

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