Do I Need A Visa From Turkey To Uganda?

Yes. Uganda is endowed with wonderful tourist sites spread around the country. This country is an excellent tourist destination for Turkish travelers. Turkey is not on Uganda's list of visa-free nations. Thus, Turkish visitors must apply for a visa to visit Uganda.

Fortunately, Uganda has established a digital method for getting an e-visa for visitors worldwide. E-visas are electronic papers issued by the Ugandan government that let Turkish citizens legally enter the country. Tourists may visit Uganda swiftly and efficiently with an e-visa, bypassing the embassies and consulates. Citizens of Turkey, however, can only apply for e-visas for tourism and transit reasons. Others who desire to travel for business or educational purposes must apply for a standard visa at the Uganda Embassy.

An e-visa application is conducted entirely online and takes less than 20 minutes. Turkish citizens can apply for an e-visa using any smart device or mobile smartphone. Your email address will receive the status of your e-visa application form within 03 working days.

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