Can I check my visa progression online?

The answer is YES. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh and would like to know whether or not your e-visa has been processed, kindly complete the online Check Status form. Bangladeshi citizens must first submit their full names, passport numbers, email addresses, and reference numbers on the form. After completing their application, Bangladeshi nationals can check the status of their ETA. The Uganda Immigration Services website encourages visitors from Bangladesh to use this form to monitor the progress of their applications. Anybody who doesn't apply via this website can check. The decision will be sent to the Vietnam applicant's email address in less than 30 minutes.

If Bangladeshi citizens have not had an ETA yet? Accessing Uganda Immigration for applying for an e-visa immediately. The Uganda Immigration Department has adopted the electronic visa in an effort to speed up the application process. Since everything is done online, getting a visa doesn't need going to the embassy. It is provided for travel-related activities or a quick visit to family in Uganda. Within three business days, the applicants' email address will get the eVisa. Indian nationals can now use the Rush visa program to get their visa in just 24 business hours.



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